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Fill it up!

On a typical day.....I get about 50-75 emails in my inbox (not including my junk email address, you know....the separate yahoo one you get just for that reason). Some are for my online business, (though retail is on the fritz lately).....some are from friends touching base, prayer requests or sharing some good news.

BTW, I laughed when I got an email from my next door neighbor frantically asking me if I have any evaporated milk to spare. There was definitely a dire tone to it as it had a ton of "!?!?!"s in it. Now, I know we live in a great new age of technology, but.....wouldn't it get into your recipe quicker if you picked up the phone?

And speaking of modern technology.....like most of us, I do 90% of all my banking and bill paying online. I sign up for all the reminders that are possible in regards to due dates as we know my attention span is approximately 6 minutes. So I get an email from Such and Such Utility Co. with the subject line reminding me that my payment is due in 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days......and finally I see Just Pay the Bill, Lady. But along with getting reminders......I get put on the mailing lists of anyone that I've ever shopped online with. (we won't go there) Remember.....I love being in my jammies and Google is your friend when it comes to finding free shipping and discount codes. So, I also get notices about how some of these retailers are having "The Biggest Sale of the Year"........even bigger than last week's "Biggest Sale of the Year".

I also sign up for my share of newsletters....the majority of them are either spiritual/uplifting or homeschool related.

So, I will admit that some days, I just get overwhelmed and do a quick scan on who is sending what.......I make sure there are no "You SCREWED up, Lady. Now you have a LATE fee" messages.
Then I do something that takes alot of courage.

I do clean sweep with the help of the DELETE button.

I do get a moment of anxiety when my computer asks me.........are you sure you want to delete all these messages? I get thoughts of how there might be some valuable information I am ignoring such as how I won that Australian Lottery which is so amazing as I never even entered. But they promise me that they will wire it into my bank account if I simply send them my acct information, social security and firstborn. Hmmmmmmmm, not quite buying it.

So I just squeeze my eyes shut........and commit to sending them all to the little trash can. I then ask for forgiveness to anyone who I might be sending into the bowels of my Dell's darkest pit, never to be found again.

*Where does everything go when you dump out your recycling bin, anyway?

So anyway....this morning I did my weekly "cleansing" of my inbox. Now, I sign up to receive those devotional messages as I really feel that ingesting just a little bit of God's Daily Bread is important in my daily walk. And I do feel guilty when I don't read every one....but I believe that God knows how easily I get overwhelmed when I see "You have 72 unread messages" and only 20 minutes to be on the computer before the whole house wakes up. Afterall, He did create this brain and I pray trust that He will let it slide under these said circumstances. ;)

Let's see if I can describe me being overwhelmed with my un-medicated ADD. Picture this:

It's like someone just pulled that knob on the pinball machine and sent that little silver ball up through the chute. It starts flying up ramps, setting off all sorts of bells and whistles and then comes the flashing light sensors. Flippers going crazy.....and then then the big TILT mechanism is activated and it's all over.

Sooooooooooo, the whole point of this.......is that I noticed that I had an one of those devotional emails that was duplicated four times. Not sure if this was a glitch in my email system.....but I wasn't taking any chances. It felt pretty apparent that I shouldn't delete this without reading it. You know how I feel that God has some pretty funny ways of sending us a message. I am pretty sure He is up on today's technology as well.

And again.....I was right. ;)

I am in a little wonky place right now with something that is weighing on my heart, let's just say that. I mentioned last week that I am experiencing some struggles and I am definitely being brought through it and with God by my side all along the way.

So without getting into all the details (which I am sure will surface soon enough).....Let's just say that what I am going through is taking a huge step of faith. The enemy is constantly at work trying to discourage us and make us feel that we are not worthy enough for a blessing. He tries to drive in negative thoughts so we don't expect the joy, peace and happiness that God promises....He wants to dissuade us.

This email contained a Scripture that spoke directly to my soul.

"…Open wide your mouth and I will fill it"~Psalm 81:10

wow......just wow is all I can say. How can nine little words have such a huge impact? Once again I am reminded on how God hears me and wants to remind me that He has it all covered.

So Lord......I am declaring today that I am here with open arms and an even more open heart for what You have in store for me and my life. I am ready to receive what You have for me. I believe You when You say "According to your faith it will be done unto you."

In Your Holy Name~

I hope I can inspire you today to remain in faith and expect the blessings that God has promised you. We serve an amazing God and He is good......all the time. :)



cdonald0727 said...

I hope you are ok Michelle. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Cindy from MC

Jenni said...

I love psalm 81:10. I'm trying to learn how to live it. God is good to give us each other to spur one another on in that regard!

And how like Him with the 4 duplicate emails. LOL!

Karen said...

So true! He does get his message across, even with modern technology.

Thanks for the post. It made me feel better, too. :-)

amanda said...

praying you get filled. and do not delete my email. because my friend you may have won the amanda lottery. :0) i'm working on it as i type...well not really because i'm typing this...but it is up on a different screen...okay enough rambling...look for your prize email soon!!!


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