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Three Things This Thursday.......(with even more thoughts on LOST)

1. LOST: Yikes! Holy Nosebleeds, Batman!

*That* was a great episode.....not that any Lost episodes are not great.....but this one was exceptional. I think we actually got some answers, unless they throw us for a loop next week....which is very likely.

So yes......let's think about what I think we discovered last night....or at least the maybes.

1. I was relieved to know that Jin understood the time travel issue for the most part. Remember, last week....it caused me alot of stress and concern.
2. It is finally confirmed that Daniel's mother is Eloise. (now to figure out if she is *the* young Ellie that had the gun on Daniel a few episodes back)
3. It also confirmed yet another one of my theories that Charlotte was born on the island.
4. We also find out that many people on this show are bi (or tri) lingual.
5. Danielle definitely did not age so gracefully over those years, I mean....wow, she looked so young when she first got to the island. Then again, living alone on a savage island all those years probably does a job on ya......maybe she should have asked Richard for his moisturizing tips.

Now the questions....
1. Is Christian Shepherd Jacob?
2. Who the heck controls that black smoke monster (which I will truthfully admit, wished that wouldn't be brought back into the story line. Just a little cheeseball and unrealistic for me......because of course, everything else in this story could happen, you know)
3. Why was Charlotte and her mom allowed to leave the Dharma Initiative? And how? Did they utilize that submarine? And who is her dad and why did he stay? I still have a hunch it might be Daniel somehow. Or maybe her mom is Eloise (who obviously knows about the island)......oh, I think I am on to something, lol. That would make Daniel her brother.
4. When is Annie (Ben's friend from childhood) going to come into this story line???? She has to.

So yeah, I think that John Locke is not dead when he is off the island. Like his death was staged somehow with the newspaper obituary, the coffin scene, etc....just to get everyone together? I keep reaching for the fact that maybe that unique spider situation works into this. Remember that greedy couple who got bit by that spider whose bite puts you into a coma? Then they got buried alive. Maybe he is in that coma state which is why Ben only has a specific amount of time? Hmmmmm, maybe not.

Now I think I am getting a nose bleed from all of this........speaking of nosebleeds....my heart sank when Sawyer needed to wipe his nose!!! But who else had a big smile when Jin turned around and Sawyer dove on hugged him? He has been showing his softer side lately, huh?

Anyway......bravo, bravo for a fantastic show!!

Oh, and did anyone else laugh out loud with this line?......"He's from Korea, I'm from Encino" ~Miles

OK, on to my two other things this Thursday.....

2. God is so good to me......I know I've said it a million times......but I will keep praising Him. I am sure I will have an entire post about it in the near future, but let's just say He replaced confusion in my heart with His Truth once again. He replaced sorrow with joy.

3. I have seen this a few times, and tears just stream down my face every time.....enjoy!:

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Mary said...

"he's from Korea, I'm from Encino". YES!!! i TOTALLY laughed out loud to that one. :)

I also think Christian Shepherd is Jacob.
I sure as hell HOPE Daniel and Charlotte aren't brother and sister. She said she was afraid of the crazy man...so hopefully he was just there with her. But ... you never know!

Mary said...

OH and YES I totally loved when Sawyer was happy to see Jin! Those dimples popped right out!!! He has 2 sexies...
1. Scruffy nasty sexy
2. Happy silly sexy

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am totally with you on the whole "Locke might not be dead" thing! I even thought back to those people who were buried alive after being paralyzed from a spider bite. Its totally possible that Locke might not be dead.

I don't think Christian is Jacob, but I could be wrong. I'm also still not convinced that Charlotte was born on the island. After all, she told Daniel that "she grew up here." But didn't she set out looking for where she was born? Hmmm...

I'm not sure Daniel HAS been to the island before. I think he may have, and the reason he isn't having nosebleeds is because he's found his constant, Desmond. Then again, he may not be having nosebleeds because he actually hasn't been to the island before. If Whidmore is his dad, it could have been him we saw in the first episode, spying on Dharma for the others.

Whew! I'm officially addicted!

Catherine said...

I loved the Encino line too!

Why does Charlotte speak Korean? I think that's going to be key. I don't know why Eloise would be her mom, because then she and Daniel would know each other, since neither seemed to be estranged from their mom, you know? But maybe Widmore was her dad? Her dad has to be important since she made such a big deal about how she never saw him again etc.

I think Eloise is Ellie because Daniel said she looked so familiar when she was pointing the gun at him.

I thought maybe Charlotte was Annie, but I don't think her age is right to be Ben's playmate. Also why would she have a different name? Then I thought, maybe BEN was her dad and Annie was her mom? And maybe her and her mom leaving set Ben off to gas the Dharma people? But maybe she's too old to be Ben's daughter...

My big question is why Sun would be ok with going back to the island without her little girl?!?!?

Catherine said...

Also, GREAT thought about the spiders! At least Nicki and Paolo would have a purpose then, other than just being super annoying!

Lynds said...

I love Gladys! Fun times. My favorite clip from Ellen is when she tries the Hawaii chair. here if you haven't seen it. Fun-ny. Oh man it makes me cry so hard.

As for Lost, totally cracked up with the Encino, and loved how happy Sawyer was when he saw Jin. We both remarked on both those things.

I'm sure the island will heal Locke, so I'm not concerned with him being dead.

I completely ditto Catherine on Sun leaving without her daughter. When Sun talked to her and said "good bye" I just had a sinking feeling she wouldn't be seeing her.... :/

You know how it's always hard for shows when there are babies involved. Hard cause shows move slower than babies grow, and babies can only be on the air for so much time, and it kind of kills a characters story when they have a baby.... how do you solve it? Why fast forward 3 years in time. ;)

~*Michelle*~ said...

HA Catherine, you even remembered their name......I couldn't remember and agree that they were very annoying and that was the only episode in my LOST history memory bank that I felt was boring and useless.

And maybe you are on to something about Charlotte and Whidmore...hmmm.

I think you are right....also b/c it was said that women couldn't have children on the island, right?

And Daniel def. was on the island before....remember when those guys were mining for the Dharma Initiative (first episode this season?) Daniel was walking with the hard hat and talked to that miner?

eek, my brain is spinning.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Lynds.....love that Hawaiian chair episode. I think I peed my pants a little.

Oh, and is it just me being anal....but why don't people put kids in carseats on that show>!?!?!??!

Aisha said...

Very interesting theories at the end about LOST. Sean seems to think no Locke is dead in this time but he will be brought back to life on the island. We'll see. He seems to think he KNOWS all about LOST! LOL!


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