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Not Me Monday!

So I always enjoy reading the hilarious posts from McKMama and friends with the Not Me Monday posts.....and thought today would be fun to jump on that wagon and join in! You basically 'fess up about a few things you've done that week (funny, embarrassing, sentimental)...and pretend that you totally did not actually do them!

OK, so that won't be hard for me

I did not feel like I went ten rounds with Mike Tyson after attempting Level Two of The 30 Day Shred this weekend.

I did not swear like a sailor when she (that would be the evil drill sergeant Jillian Michaels Shred-monger) instructed to do five more of this humanly impossible feat of lifting my arms with weights while lunging my legs in the opposite direction. Nope. not this Christian gal. ;)

I also did not blow all that hard work when I devoured two baskets of chips and salsa at Applebees on Saturday night.....and did not order extra sour cream either.

I did not pee my pants during a relentless 13 sneeze attack at N's soccer practice. And I did not make a mad dash to the Port-a-John before the floodgates opened. I guess that would not prove that I did not do my Kegels after each time I birthed one of my children, like my doctor suggested.

I did not run outside my house one night (after dark) last week in my underwear because I was dared to by my teenagers. It was not because we were celebrating our victory over debt and I did not mention how I felt like just doing that (in a crazy victory dance kinda way).....and they called me on it. I am not one of those people who cannot say no to a challenge.

I do not have a bag on my head right now for admitting those things.

I did not bawl my eyes out I watched the Mother's Day "DVD card" that Josh and the kids made for me....which included interviews of each of them telling me why I was so special and the best mom ever. I also did not laugh when N mentioned that her mom was loving and caring....not aggressive, like our rooster. That DVD was not the best.gift.ever. It will not be cherished forever either.

And speaking of roosters and chickens......I did not witness the most amazing event watching nine chicks being brought into this world over the weekend.

Ahhhhh, that felt good. Nothing like a healthy confessional to start my week! If you could use a little yourself.....pop on over to My Charming Kids and join in too.

Peace, love and stay barefoot~



Jessica said...

hi and thanks for commenting on my blog!

it's so sweet that your teenagers made you a dvd for mother's day. the fingerpainting i got from my 2 year old was the best present i got. :)

Beth E. said...

Thanks for commenting on my Not Me's! I just hope that when I made you laugh you didn't pee, too! Hahaha

This post cracked me up for a number of reasons. I have to admit my favorites are the sneeze attack and the dare. You sound like loads of fun!

Your Mother's Day gift sounds wonderful, precious, and touching. Just reading about it made me tear up! If you get a chance, check the post below my Not Me Monday post, and click on the video to hear about what my hubby gave me as an early Mother's Day gift. Then you'll understand why I am in awe over your gift!

Have a great week!

amanda said...

a dvd?!? how fun!!! and if i come visit do you promise to leave clothes ON? lol. you may give my husband a heart attack, which means he may die, which means i wouldn't have a ride home, which means i'd be moving in. my hubby is very shy!! :0) lol.

sunnymama said...

This was a funny post! I hope you've taken the bag off your head by now :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What a great list! i laughed at you running out in your underwear. I do the same thing, but often just because I forgot something. Oops!

ahappyhippy mom said...

Hi! That was a real great "Not Me Monday" post. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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