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Three Things This Thursday (LOST, Shreddin, and Diggin in the Dirt )

1. Not sure, but I think I had my own smoke monster coming outta my head after last night's episode.

The simultaneous plots were really doing a job on my un-medicated ADD brain.....still trying to figure out if Richard Alpert truly doesn't really know where Locke has been these past few years. The convincing confused look on his face lately is throwing me off......then again, he has had a creepy look to him all this time. He had the same weird look when Ben told him that he tried to kill him. For someone who has been around for so long, he seems to be out of the loop lately (pun very intended).

I can't even wrap my head around this whole Jacob thing. Who/When is he?!?!?!? All I know is that Jacob told Locke (who apparently is the only one who has actually seen him at this point) back in the little cabin to "help him" but Locke blows everyone away with his statement about "killing him". Was that just to throw off Ben and everyone? And does Locke really believe he is the leader (he did say "Aren't I the leader?")

The thing that is making me the most LOST about everything that is going on.....is what is everyone's true intentions?!?!?!? Can't someone be upfront? Talk about paranoia.....

Is Eloise trying to save Daniel or is she following the same chain of events, but this time knowing the outcome? I keep getting flashes of her from prior episodes (in the future or whenever it was, lol) popping in people's lives such as Desmond making sure all the events play out a certain way. This is all making my brain hurt.

What's up with all the underground tunnels and temples? And who originally built them? And what was Richard gazing at on that temple wall when they took that suffocating swimming trip?

Not so sure that Jack is thinking straight these last few episodes......does he really realize what "changing" the whole plane crash scenario will do? Or can it change now that they are back in time? ACK! I am still confused with the "what happens happens" theory right now. Not to mention that scene with Locke sending Richard to help himself.....and watching it all play out.

And then Richard told Sun he saw all the Losties in the picture die - but with Kate, Hurley and Jack in the photo.....she must be very confused as they were just on a plane with her.

So a few *happy places* that LOST brought me........

Dr. Chang realizing that Miles was his son, and then the bittersweet scene where Miles gets to understand that his dad didn't really cast him and his mom off with ill intent. It was to save them.

Sawyer and Juliet......too funny with Sawyer's comment about plans to buy Microsoft. I felt so happy for Juliet when Sawyer actually joined her into the sub......(I really thought he was going to just send her off.....in a self-less for-her-own-good kinda way). But poor Juliet cannot catch a break, can she? Freckles, once again, spoils the happy ending. If looks could kill.......

I did get a good giggle on Dr. Chang quizzing Hurley on the "current" events......too funny.

And YAY for Sayid for saving the day! So happy the writers gave me my Sayid fix.....he seems to be one of the few characters who is upfront and you know his intentions....I think.

(paranoia or confusion at this point)

So next week is the big season finale......not sure if I am relieved or what. I think it is going to take all summer to go over everything and make some sense of it all. We do see that Sawyer is talking to Jack so I guess that cheesy CGI sub doesn't make it after all. (come on guys, they couldn't swing a real sub for that scene???)

I will be making some serious LOST finale food/treats....you can bet your bottom Dharma dollar there will be some serious nachos involved.

Please please please share your thoughts and theories with me.....I went to bed with my head spinning and am still going over everything this morning. Leave your link/comments below!

On to my other two things this Thursday...

2. After hearing alot about this workout.....including Big Mama's hilarious posts regarding her current experience with it.......I decided to splurge and grab my own copy. I am on Day Four and I can totally see how and why you can get your own "shredded" body in 30 days.....It is because after you do this 20 minute should be a prisoner confessional war tactic workout session, you are physically unable to lift your arms to grab anything from a cupboard that is above your hip. And make sure your toilet paper holder is securely mounted to the wall, as it will be your thighs' best friend when nature calls.

......but I am now on a mission.

3. Mother's Day weekend. I am relying on two things to pull off my Mother's Day request of working on my garden.

B: The ability to physically move after a week of The Shred.

But if all goes well.....and after a bottle of Advil and a tube of Ben Gay......I plan on turning this:

into this:

So I not so discreetly left my Mother's Day "wish list" of new gardening tools and veggie plant $ on the white board on the fridge, because I am good like that. I figure it saves Josh time, money and energy trying to scramble for presents. Although I do like surprises and I'm all about "it's the thought that matters"......I really do believe that it does take the pressure off of him as I have been told I am hard to buy for. So to go above and beyond.....I even printed out the MapQuest directions to get my favorite handmade soap. (and the scents I prefer)

I'm so thoughtful, aren't I? *batting eyelashes*

OK, your turn......share three things with me this Thursday! I could use some new recipes, a good laugh......or maybe you have a prayer request....whatever you want.....join in!

Peace and love~


Mary said...

There are some kind of Egyptian hieroglyphics on that wall in the temple. I was reading them try and make sense of it in a Lost message forum. They include something resembling the smoke monster and that Egyptian god who looks like a man/dog and other symbols. The monster appears to be offering something up to the God. Oh, and that God I believe is the statue because I am positive it had ears (in the scene of it large from behing) and remember the 4 toes? So I am thinking those temples are as ancient as they look and that God has something to do with everyone's fate once the smoke monster gets them. Also, isn't that the area where Ben met his judgement?

I'm with you on the Sawyer/Juliet thing. I think Juliet should get with Jack and Sawyer with Kate. Or they can all just have a foursome and get it overwith. LOL

I also have the 30 day shred. I agree it's tough. I also wondered if you are skipping days? You know you're supposed to skip days when you work on muscles right?

Love you Michelle! Have a lovely day.

Mary said...

I want to edit my post, but can't find an option. I would like to rephrase things. "I BELIEVE that that area is where Ben met his fate, and IF SO, then I BELIEVE what Richard was looking at were the hieroglyphics that everyone was decoding on the message board". I think that might also be the reason why he looks kinda freaked out and guarded while they are down there.

Diane said...

I'm pretty sure the underground temple/tunnels complex is what "lies in the shadow of the statue", and it has to do with Anubis and some misplaced Egyptians...

Everyone has their own agenda and no one tells the truth. Kate is freaked out about Jack putting things right because then she will go to prison for murder. Jack feels guilty over all the people who died that he couldn't save, and wants them alive again...it goes on.

I love Sawyer with Juliet - he seems a better person then. With Kate it's like calling like - they'll kill one another eventually.

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Mary.....I am not sure if that is the same temple...you know temples, they all look alike. LOL

And I am not skipping days.....I didn't think the muscle "ripping" was that intense that I had to. EEK! I thought it might explain that on the DVD...but couldn't find anything. I am planning on doing it 5 times a week with Pilates in between?

Does anyone else know?

and ps. there is no edit, LOL

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Diane

I think you are on to something with the shadow dealio.

And yes....Kate knows she would def. be in prison if the crash never happened.....but you would think that Jack would realize all that he would be missing out on too if this all didn't happen.....

jen said...

I totally called the Dr. Chang being loving dad several weeks ago. Was glad to see that scene too.
And Hurly. He is just awesome. "Dude, we're from the future." Too funny.
And yes, they should let Sayid handle mr. r. I think I could condone terrorism in his case.
2 hours next week! Be sure your DVRs are ready!!!
Not started the shred yet but I want to. Not being able to get anything above your hip...priceless.

Crystal said...

Love the LOST comments. Mine are up on LOST Books Challenge too.

I just posted yesterday about how I got FREE Jillian Michael's workouts. You can check that out here:


Mary said...

Sure! Pilates doesn't tear your muscles, so that would be fine too. You are definitely tearing your muscles doing the Shred because she works you to the point of "failure" (meaning you just can't squeeze any more out). So 4 days Shred, 3 days Pilates. But I would also recommend at least 1 one of those days be a complete and utter rest day...nothing more than walking involved.

ANUBIS! Yeah that's it. LOL

Mary said...

CC Facebook....

I am confused now. I looked up the Shred in particular because I figured well, Jillian knows what she's doing. And there must be some reason why she suggests people do this thing every day even though we hear time and again how important rest days are. I found this after a lot of searching from a forum where people wondered the same thing as me. So use your own judgement I guess. ... here's the copy/paste...

"Jillian's DVDs are awesome. I listen to her radio show and callers will often ask the same thing. Although you're supposed to give your muscles 'two days of rest', she said she kept this in mind when creating the DVD. You can use it every day if you wanted to! She also suggests starting on level 1 for 30-days or until it doesn't kick your butt anymore. Remember, form is important. Quality over quantity. Make sure you're doing the exercises to a tee before moving on to another level. I don't own this DVD, but I used it when it was On Demand and it was great."

Bobbi said...

I think Richard was looking at those weird hieroglyphics we have see in a few other episodes this season. And I agree with you about Jack - I think he's a few fries short of a happy meal these days! And I loved Sayid swooping in like the Lone Ranger to save the day.

Great LOST recap!! Can't wait for next week's finale!

Heather J. said...

My thoughts …
I don’t think Locke ever SAW Jacob, just HEARD him – that’s how I remember it at least.
And I don’t think Jack realizes that his like will suck even if the plane doesn’t crash … he’s forgotten how bad his life actually was at that point I think.
And I’d LOVE to have a LOST finale party but unfortunately no one I know in-real-life is really into the show. How sad – they don’t know what they’re missing out on!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I wrote a bunch about the whole Locke/Jacob/wtf??? thing (haha) so you'll have to come let me know what you think... Good point about Eloise showing up at weird points making things play out just so. The jewelry shop one seems especially odd to me now.

I think Jack has lost his marbles. I think he's desperate to feel some measure of control again (he's always been about taking control and being a leader) and so he's ripped a page right out of Locke's "destiny" book.

Oh, and you said *exactly* what I was worrying about too in the sub scene, that maybe Sawyer would "nobly" send Juliet on alone... I was relieved it didn't happen, and aggrieved when Kate dropped in... Oh well, however it happens, they all three end up staying on the island anyhow.

MUAHAHA I relate about the 30 Day Shred. I got it off Netflix, and was all like, Oh, I work out a good bit, I'll start on Level 2. Man oh man, I had to stop for several breathers there...

Love the garden plans!! And I think it's highly considerate to utilize the white-board method of hinting. ;P

Anonymous said...

- I tried watching a random LOST episode and I think my brain almost burst :o) too much twist and turns for me to handle LOL

- I would LOVE to garden and I plan on planting a few veggies when I stop moving every single year. Hmm, maybe 14 years from now perhaps? :\ I saw a commercial where they actually hung the tomato plants upside down :o) I'm tempted!

- Let me know how that workout video goes, do you watch the Biggest Loser? It's super motivating, I am now catching up on the last few weeks of the current Biggest Loser :o) it's like a soap opera and I can't turn away from it! (turns into a pillar of salt)

Mom of Many Messes said...

Just wondering if you're still Shredding? I am a chicken and am still on Level 1, but just completed my 9th day...I wanted to go to L2 on Day 11 but....I'm very scared!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Mom of Many Messes

YES! I actually ventured into Level 2 last weekend...it is much more challenging but a really good workout....more cardio and legs/arms. Well that kinda is the whole deal, LOL.

I actually tried Level Three and it was brutal....sticking to Level Two for now, everyday except Sunday.

(well, it *is* The day of rest)


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