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Three Things This Thursday (LOST finale, farmin and a little ROAK goes a long way)

I. LOST finale! My brain is on overdrive (not to mention, WIPED! Between trying to absorb every detail of that two hour finale and going way past my bed time.....) so I need to collect my thoughts (and maybe squeeze in a little kitty cat nap) and I'll be back with my recap.

But I will let you know that a LOST season finale would not be complete without these:
We called this our Decadent Dharma Death by Chocolate which was warm chocolate cake (we used brownies), drizzled with chocolate syrup and a scoop of Cookie Dough ice cream on top. I stuffed my face with toasted pita bread and chips with spinach dip....and didn't think twice about how this was blowing all my hard Shred work. Well, I guess I did when I needed to ask for help lifting my arms over my head to reach the chips....but sooooooo worth it!

*so I will be back after I collected all these scattered thoughts and process how I am going to go all summer without LOST....although my brain could use a little vacation.

OK I am ready to just jot down blurbs of info about this finale.....

So far, I want to venture to guess that there is something very "Jacob/Esau" with this.....Bible stuff....and if you think it's just because I am a Jesus Freak, check out Lostpedia and see the AMAZING Bible references throughout LOST with just Jacob alone. Think about how many times God is mentioned on LOST. God save us all is quoted often.....God loves you as He loved Jacob was flashed on that screen (remember when Carl was being brainwashed?)

Jacob is appears in everyone's lives as a "savior" to help, especially in Locke's case. Again, not sure if I am reading way too much into this with my Bible eyes and mind....but the white dove on the book he was reading seemed very symbolic after he pretty much brought Locke back to life. So, he bails out Kate as a young child......he blesses Sun and Jin with excellent Korean, lol.....he hands young Sawyer a pen for his letter to Anthony Cooper (conman)....we also find out he is the one tells Hurley about the Ajira flight. He even hands Jack that Apollo candy bar that was stuck in the vending machine. The only thing that seems not "helpful" is when he stalls Sayid, and Nadia gets hit by that car (that was pretty graphic)......but maybe he "helped" Sayid by stalling him and avoiding getting hit himself. hmmmmmm.

Another thing......When Ilana and crew ask Richard Alpert the burning question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" His Latin response translated into "He who will save us all".

So probably way off......but I'll venture to guess that
Jacob represents God (GOOD)
Locke could be a representation of Jesus (will rise again)
Smoke Monster could be the Holy Spirit......

......and that would make
The other guy on the beach with Jacob would be Satan/The Enemy/Evil
Ben could be Judas (betrayer, pawn in Evil plan)

Call me crazy. I don't know.

Little blurbs:

I was happy to see that Rose and Bernard were living out their lives on the island.....I still think they end up being the original Adam and Eve (two corpses found in that cave, I think Season One)

Lots of butt whooping in this episode......the smackdown between Sawyer and Jack was great. Pretty inpressed with Jack. I had to giggle when after it all, Juliet tells Sawyer that she changed her mind.....the look on his face was priceless. And speaking of Juliet......I wanted to give her a high five for laying out that submarine guard.

I loved hearing Miles scream "Dad" to Dr. Chang.......and was also happy to see that he didn't get his arm/hand ripped off.

OH, I read that the crocodile creature statue is Sobek, the Egyptian god of fertility......which makes sense that if (s)he is destroyed/torn down......that is why there was an issue on the island with women not being able to carry babies.

Lots pointing to Charlie returning to the island (why not? there are tons of dead people showing up)....Jacob leaving that guitar to Hurley.....Sun finding the DriveShaft ring......(which btw, my son H has a really cool DriveShaft tour shirt that we scored last year......has nothing to do with this recap, but wanted to share)

LOVED it when Rose said "“It’s always something with you people.”

What happened to my friend Sayid? He got shot but everyone was too busy getting sucked into the magnet trench of destruction, so they never panned back to him (or maybe my head is still spinning and I don't remember???)

I was sad to see Juliet get sucked down into that magnetic pit, Sawyer was devastated......but I thought it was a little far fetched that she survived that fall. I guess they needed someone to make that bomb detonate and leave us hanging until 2010, huh?

......or did it detonate? We only see the white flash.

*insert LOST ending noise here*

2. Things have been very busy here.....not only did we have nine new additions over Mother's Day weekend...Penny isn't going to be the only new mama around here......(NO, not me! I wish! *wink)....Princess has been "getting her brood on" and is laying on 12 eggs. Her little babies should be hatching sometime next week, maybe sooner!
And J is putting the finishing touches on the corral for our two little Nigerian Dwarf goats that are coming home to us in June. We already decided on their names. Bo (short for Boaz) was named by N......and Josh wanted to name his little sister Willow. He always loved that name and thought we might use that name *if* we had another little girl.....but it looks like we are going to use it on a little goat instead. *sniff
So he finally gets "his" Willow and in some weird twisted way, I am becoming a mommy again with these "babies". They are the cutest little things, I can't stand it! They will be joining our family soon enough.....just waiting for them to wean off their mama...and you know I'll be posting pics.

N and I also have been busy with our garden. We planted tons of peppers, some broccoli, zucchini, cukes, peas and beans. We transplanted all of our strawberry plants from the other side of the yard. All we need to do is onions and tomatoes.
I am determined to grow everything for my homemade salsa this year.....well everything except the secret ingredient which I cannot tell you......then it wouldn't be a secret, now would it? But I will tell you......that I have been told that it is the best salsa EVER. And yes, I am bragging because I only have mastered two recipes to call my own that people actually request.......my salsa and my chili. Other than that.....I can boil a mean pot of water, get toast the perfect color and my peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches ROCK.

3. Not sure if you got chance to check out my post yesterday.....but I did do what I set out to do.....and it felt great! The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:1 Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven....so I won't give any specifics. But I just want to witness to you about what joy you truly will receive just by doing a random act of kindness. To see someone's face light up with appreciation.....or maybe you won't even get that visual gratification, but I can promise you that you will feel it in your heart. I encourage you to include your children as well....it is so important to demonstrate and infuse the gift of giving in their younger impressionable years. It is our job and responsibility to God to raise His children with Christ-like values. But don't take it from me....there is no mistaking the reward/blessing from God when we please Him......and be warned. It's contagious!

Well that is it for me today......please join in the fun and leave your link/comment!


Denise said...

Your plants look amazing!!! I'm still hoping to get some stuff planted here this year. Congrats on your little project, it always feels good to be able to help someone in need & I totally agree about getting the kids involved, they thrive on that kind of stuff.

amanda said...

so when i come over and your strawberries are all eaten...blame your goats. :0) i do not have anything even resembling a green thumb. that all looks so nice. and ummmm when i come over will we get to totally pig out too. do you see that now it's when i come. not if i come. :0) add food and man you've got me. :0) just kidding. kind of. because i'd totally starve just to meet you!! :0)

Mary said...

I don't know when you are going to talk about LOST but I want to put my thoughts down somewhere...so I am jumping the gun here by putting down 2 things that i thought of.
Thought #1 (just a recollection): LOCKE made his first appearance in that hooded cloak thing, which was very odd for him and was obvious foreshadowing that he wasn't really him, but was some ancient bad dude.

Thought #2: Jacob said to Ben "What ABOUT you?", which is totally out of the character of Jacob, we understand him to be compassionate in this episode...so saying that to Ben could have been intentional, in order to get Ben to kill him...Jacob may be one ahead of evil brother (smokey?)!!

Mary said...

meaning there is some destiny behind getting himself killed (I hate that there's no edit button LOL)

Mary said...

(you may have lots of comments today cuz things are popping into my head). When Jacob said "they're coming", I think he may mean Ilyana and the crew...obviously they have a deeper connection than the others and Jacob...since he spoke with her in that hospital when she was all banged up and they knew each other. What could THEY mean to the fate of Jacob and evil dude? (assuming I'm right)

Mary said...

Good call on the fertility thing!

I've been looking at the message boards too. And things are just like HEY YEAH!!! LOL I always felt the biblical thing...especially with the judgemental personality of smokey and I see definite John the Baptist traits in Desmond. And one of the things I commented on here I am changing my mind about after reading the forums. "They are coming" seems to mean that that flash was in fact the time shift and thus bringing our LOST friends (Sawyer, Juliet, Kate etc.) to Jacob and "Esau".

Another thing is the parallel between Jacob/Esau and struggle for dominance versus Whidmore and Ben.

Oh this is going to be a loooonnnng wait!!!!

Mary said...

ooohhh do you think Richard and the Others are from the Black Rock????

Mary said...

An unanswered link/question for me is...why the magnetism? What the heck does that have to do with all of this whoooahhh ancient stuff?

Mary said...

Okay...so if "Esau" is inhabiting all of these dead people and making them scary and bringing news to people through dreams and appearances etc....when "Claire" is in Kate's dream and tells her not to DARE to bring Aaron back to the island....obviously that means something. Aaron is definitely important!

on a side note: all of these word verifications that we have to enter before submitting our comments would be really fun for a funny game of Balderdash!

Diane said...

I'm not so sure about the Biblical references - my experience has been that when a show uses them, they aren't generally used correctly, or at least the way a real believer would use them. The dove on the cover, BTW, was pierced through with an arrow.

I'm not sure it's a straight good/evil fight either - Jacob's off-island actions seemed to be all over the board. It's more as if he was scoping out these people, looking at some of the pivot points in their lives.

Anonymous said...

What's with the yummy pictures? My tummy is growling now, crrrueeeelll!! :o)

More chickens?!? How ah-dorable!! Honey, you have to teach me how to grow a garden. I am so clueless! Which plants are the easiest to grow? Maybe I better stick with a cactus eh? I hear they make great, err, edible burritos :\

Oh yeah guess what, you've been AWARDED by me today :) yep, you're just that cool. Don't forget to check out my blog to receive ze cool award :)

Amy Ellen said...

Hi! I'm stopping in from Fly Away Birdie... your blog looks so interesting!

Amy Ellen from HealthBeginsWithMom.com

Bobbi said...

I was also getting the "Jacob/Esau" vibe - it just makes sense to me. I think Jacob stalled Sayid so he would see Nadia die, thus putting plans in the works for Ben to suggest revenge killing - but I could be wrong!

I have a theory that Jacob may be Richard's father - or some other relation - because they both appear not to age. Maybe they inherited the "no aging" gene.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Jacob was really "helping" everyone. In giving Sawyer that pen, he puts him on a path to revenge, fueling his anger againt the co-man that causes his parents deaths and possibly forcing him to become a con man himself. And Hurley certaintly doesn't want to go back to the island! Frankly, I think Jacob is doing just what Ben is so famous for -- manipulating people to get them to the point that they come to the island, for better or worse

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Denise, Amanda and Martha :) thanks for the compliments on my garden.....this is my first attempt with this new garden bed, so we shall see. :)

@ Mary.....I think you know more than you give yourself credit for woman!

@ Diane....you're totally right able the accuracy of the references, but I do think there are underlying tones that cannot all be coincidental, yk? Either way....it's so interesting!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Oooh so fun with the chickies and the gardening! Your garden looks wayyyy better than mine lol.

I think you might be right about some of the Biblical parallels going on in Lost right now, but personally I saw the Christ-figure as actually being Jacob... god, and yet man and able to die? And then if they bring him back from the dead for next season.... hmmm?

Great point with linking the guitar to Charlie! Dude, that hadn't even crossed my mind, though I did think it was a little random when Sun found that ring... I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for his return!

My Lost post is up, check it out! :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

@Martha YIPEE! Thanks so much! Can you see I am doing a parade wave.....

@ Bobbi

Good call on the Sayid situation......I am thinking that Ben and "the evil one" are on the same side lately.


yeah....it's so tough to figure out. Jacob def. had his hand (literally most of the time with his touch) in their lives for some purpose....this is torture!!!
*raising fist in air


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