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Stand Tall

So I heard this from a pastor over the weekend

"If you don't stand for something.....you will fall for anything"

It brought me to Casting Crown's lyrics from The American Dream:

"I'll take a shack on a the rock, over a castle in the sand" which is based on Matthew 7:25-27

So when I think about today's economy and the upside down state we are in.....I want to remain at peace knowing that my God will provide. It doesn't mean that I won't have storms crashing and winds beating down on me.....but I am set on a foundation that is not moved by the world (or it's circumstances). My foundation is not Josh's job, it is not my bank account, it is not our retirement. My foundation is not any person.....although Josh is a source of my strength, it is God who keeps us (and our marriage) strong.

My foundation is The Rock.....and I will remain unshaken in this shaky world.

I will continue to pray that when I start to worry about my children's safety or the overall health of my loved ones.....I will remind myself that God has His hand on me and my family. He is well able to take care of me and them.

I will not be fueled by fear. Fear brings torment.....faith brings victory. 1 John 4:18 says "There is no fear in love.....". So I am choosing to believe His word and believe His love. Because God doesn't love in a verb sense......God is LOVE. God loves me and He promises me (and my family) protection.

Now I know it's easy to trust God when life is smooth sailing......why wouldn't you? But can you trust God during the storms? I am guilty of choosing to stand tall in my convictions, but sometime, at the first sign of a stormclouds......I "jump ship". I try to take cover or find refuge elsewhere. I panic. I allow fear to get it's foot in. I forget that I am not facing the issues alone. I forget that I have The One protecting me from any weapon that is formed against me. This is something I need to keep reminding myself.

I am also going to work on not being driven by fear and scramble in life for finances anymore. Now there is a healthy balance that we will be responsible and pay our debt as we are required. We will provide for our family and enjoy life together. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to nice things or vacations when you have the extra money. But we will continue to tithe and help the needy without fear that we won't have enough for us to get by. Clenching tightly to money for the fear that we will do without is crazy if you truly believe that God is the one who gave (blessed) you the money in the first place. It's His! He doesn't need money.....but I think he likes to see what we can do with a certain amount of money first, before He blesses us with more.

The enemy wants you to open yourself up to fear. That is his way into your life. Putting fear and doubt that you are not good enough if you don't have every material possession you want.....or you are not strong enough to overcome an illness or situation. Fear can lead to so many forms of devastation. Depression, guilt and addictions just to name a few. It convinces us that we have to be in control.......so we choose things we think we can control such as becoming a work-a-holic and spinning the hamster wheel of life getting nowhere fast. This can leadto frustration, greed and the ultimate empty feeling of despair.

Fear drives you into taking matters into your own hands and making poor choices. Choices that might seem good based on the world's standard or way of thinking. The mindset that "everyone's doing it" reminds me of the wide gate to destruction. And there is no doubt that in the long run, like the castle built on sand......as soon as a storm comes, it will all be washed away.

I do not want to be like "the world" and fall for anything that comes against me. Being a Believer does not safeguard me from the same trials as unbelievers. In fact, it sets me up for a good portion of it. But what a true testimony it is to come out on the other side of that storm, still standing.......and most definitely stronger than before.

So today, I am putting on my armor of God.....and I choose to stand tall.....fearless.

Stand tall to a failing economy
Stand tall to an upside down world
Stand tall to the negative influences that are surrounding my children
Stand tall to the nay-sayers and the skeptics
Stand tall to depression or anxiety
Stand tall to thoughts of ill health
Stand tall to the enemy who rules by fear.....he will not pass through my gates.

Will you join me in this stance? I hope you will.....

Peace and love~



Melissa Irwin said...

Ok, your blog post today just summs up everything I have been feeling recently.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

christy rose said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.

I love this blog post. So very rich with Truth!

I plan to return to see what other nuggets of wisdom I can learn. :)

Be back soon!


PBJ Creations said...

I am glad you found me to ! God is Good!

KellyO said...

Great blog! I, too, love this post! What an inspiration you are! Thank you from a stranger that loves Christ :)

Ashley said...

Yes, I will stand tall! I was excited to see you on my blog. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

This post was made for me ;-)

"Stand tall to depression or anxiety"

I agree and I'm still trying to slip on my high heel so I can stand even taller :) thank you for being a true friend, I am blessed to have you in my life!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I love what you said-Stand Tall-I needed to hear that today!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog-It will be fun getting to know you...

Billy Coffey said...

What a powerful post! You've inspired me today.

Mom of Many Messes said...

Great post! I saw Casting Crowns in concert last Friday for the 2nd time and they are so fabulous! I'm reading Mark Hall's book and the chapter on American Dream is so good. (ps thanx for the encouragement w/ the Shred..I moved to Level 2 yesterday...O-U-C-H!


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