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Proverbs 31

So with Mother's Day coming up.....I have been thinking about alot of things beside my "typical" Mother's Day weekend thoughts and plans.

The "typical" ones are......I am going to sleep in both mornings (which usually is only about 7:30....wishing my internal clock had a snooze button)

Then I have a Get out of Jail It's Mother's Day Weekend pass to do pretty much whatever I want. Within reason, of course.....setting fire to the piles of clutter in my home or wracking up a huge bill at Pier One would not be reasonable. Taking off Saturday morning for yard sales, then hitting some nurseries for plants, and treating myself to a special lunch is more likely the reasonable choice I will make. This also gives Josh the opportunity to pick up a few things for me with the kids......and because I am such a thoughtful and gracious wife, I took the burden off of him and gave him a list of suggestions. ;)

I reminded him that he got the low maintenance version for a wife. My list only included home-made soap from a local farm, some new garden snippers and an exercise mat. Easy, huh? I am not a fancy jewelry person, although I "love me" a new choker or simple stone pendant once in a while....I work part-time at a hair salon so I could grab a pedicure/hair treatment whenever I wanted (although I am like the painter whose house needs to be painted)
Point being....have the kids write me a note telling me how beautiful, wonderful and awesome I am much they love me and a bar of patchouli soap and I am thrilled.

Sunday plans include church and maybe coming home to fire up the grill for lunch and just "chill-ax-ing" at home, playing in the dirt and doing a little bit of nothing with my favorite people. :)

But I woke up this morning and two things are on my heart:

1. First, I want to focus on what The Bible tells us in Proverbs 31 about being a wife and mother. These are just a few of my interpretations....
  • I want to give Josh the extra confidence that he needs to know that I support, love and respect him always. I want to try to remember to think before I say something negative or complain. I want to make sure he is reminded that he is an awesome husband, provider and father. Proverbs 31:12
  • I want to dedicate more time helping others this year......and have my children by my side to teach them as well. Proverbs 31:20
  • I want to live my life as the best example to my children so that it will be a positive effect on their future. I want to infuse Godly wisdom every step of the way. For my boys with choosing a wife and how to treat her.....and for my daughter, (who this really won't matter as she will never be allowed to date, according to Josh anyway)....show her the respect she deserves and how she needs to respect/treat her husband. Proverbs 31:26
on a lighter note......I remind Josh that I am def. following Proverbs in other ways already......
  • Proverbs 31:24 ( She makes linen garments and sells them....) my online business!
  • Proverbs 31:16 (.....she plants a vineyard) well a garden counts, right?
  • Proverbs 31:17 (..her arms are strong for her tasks) working on that...30 Day Shred, baby!
  • Proverbs 31:10 (She is worth far more than rubies) Josh always teases me. He puts his hands out like a scale and bobs them up and down.....he says that he can imagine what it was like back in those Bible days, lol. "Hmmmmm........rubies or Michelle.....yeah, I guess you are worth a little more than rubies."

2. And secondly.....it occurred to me that there are people who are not able to or wanting to celebrate Mother's Day in the way I am blessed to.

I want to pray for:
  • the moms who have sick children, may God grant them peace/strength/trust and believe in the power of prayer/miracles.
  • the moms whose children have went back Home to Jesus, may God comfort and fill that hole in their heart that only Christ can fill and heal.
  • the women who are struggling with infertility, may they trust that God has a plan for their barrenness and may they continue to have faith during their journey.
  • anyone who has had to say good-bye to their mom, may they continue to hold loving memories in their heart and keep them alive by sharing stories with others.
  • moms who are raising their children on their own, may God continue to be your source of strength.
  • and this last group is one that doesn't get thought about often at this time.....the people who have been abandoned, abused, and/or betrayed by their mom. May God bring forgiveness and peace in your heart so that you may your life full of joy, love and hope.
So, with that.....please take a moment to say a prayer for others. Maybe take a minute to call someone who might need a lift this weekend or bring a card/small gift over to them. This one small gesture could be just what this person needed and you can bring light where they might have darkness.

I hope you have the best weekend possible.....may you be surrounded by the family and friends.....and most of all, may you be surrounded by God's Love.

Peace and love


Leslie said...

What a beautiful thought for Mother's Day! Proverbs 31 is certainly something I strive to model (emphasis on the "strive" ;) I remember reading it to my hubby and telling him that was what I was trying to be and having him smile sweetly and say, "that's great, honey"-- telling me matter-of-factly that I'm not quite there yet!

I hope you have a blessed, relaxing, Spirit-filled Mother's Day, and thanks for the wonderful post!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful time to reflect on being a Proverbs 31 woman. I needed the reminder of what I should be and what I am striving for. Your humor gave me the boost of sunshine in my heart this morning. Thank you Michelle, for being YOU! I love you. Happy Mother's Day! JOY JOY JOY

amanda said...

love the post. happy mother's day!! it's been so fun getting to know another super cool mom like YOU!! :0)

4under3 said...

I know I already emailed you this...but I had to come over and say this again...

Happy Mother's Day dear, sweet, funny uplifting friend.


Martha said...

I have heard of Media Mail before but I have NO idea how to use it or even get started, could you help a sistah out?!?

P.S. I thought I saw your picture on Facebook (on somebody's status update) am I seeing things or (imitates Ricky Ricardo) Lucy, you have some explainin' to do!!

Martha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martha said...

I deleted the recent comment because of EXCESS errors :P LOL

Here it is again!

Whoops, I did not realize that I commented on a NEW post. I apologize! This post is absolutely beautiful and reminded me how precious we are to our children :P very vain but true!! I can not imagine life without my mother and this was a great refresher that maybe I mean quite a bit to my son as well :)

By the way, you totally stole my "chillaxing" saying. I bet you'll be telling us to "Take a Chillaxative" soon :o) my word, I better start copyrighting everything that I say ;)

Just kidding! Great minds think alike right? :)

~*Michelle*~ said...

@ Martha

Great minds do think alike.....or at least come from the same time era, LOL (maybe not, I am getting there, you look like a spring chicken)


~*Michelle*~ said...


Hookin a sista up with info, check yer email. :)

He And Me + 3 said...

That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing this post and for stopping by my blog to visit.
I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Happy Mother's Day!


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