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TGIM a.k.a. Thank God it's Monday!

yes......you read that title correctly!

(*warning....random jibberish/thoughts and praise ahead)

I am thanking and praising God for this Monday. It's not due to having a bad weekend.....in fact, I had a great weekend. The boys didn't go to their youth group on Friday because G was filming the high school football game and H had a commitment to babysit next door.
So I took full advantage of not being a taxi cab driver all night and decided that I was going to do some serious damage in the way over due cleaning dept. of my house. E was completely mesmerized with his new iPod, which thankfully arrived that afternoon. He has been waiting ever-so- not -patiently since he ordered it, hmmmmmm 48 hours before (what is it with these kids and instant gratification?!?....iPods, IMs, texting, etc.....yeah, I just answered my own question)

Now I know I am not tech savvy and it doesn't take much to amuse me......but I am blown away by this little slice (literally) of technology. Most of you probably have one, or the iPhone or even a Blackberry.....but you have to understand, I just upgraded my cell phone to one without an antenna. The way my kids made fun of my old phone, it might has well been one of those bag phones. (which I did have "back in the day" and sported it around ever so proudly, thankyouverymuch).

They also have a good yuck on my behalf because apparently my new phone is really cool with this overly sensitive touch screen and some fancy new fangle slide out keyboard......both of which I am have no clue and am having a hard time adjusting to because A: I do not have texting.......and B: I am paying these outrageous charges for dialing up the World Wide Web without knowing I am doing so.....did I just say dialing? EEK! You see? *sigh*. Anyway.....E pooled his savings, sold his paintball equipment and bought this refurbished iPod from Apple online and was completely consumed with playing games and downloading applications, whatever those are.

So, my little helper N was thrilled to jump into cleaning with me and decorating for the fall. I was pretty proud of myself as the control freak in me subsided a bit and I actually let her put that ceramic pumpkin on the end table as opposed to the coffee table. Yeah, I have some OCD and controlling issues with decorating. But I had to put my foot down with the wooden Blessings sign placement.

Does she not know that rustic decor belongs on the rustic barn red colored wall? I have some work to do with her......but the good thing is that she just turned 7, so thankfully she has some time.

OK, so we cranked some Third Day and whipped through the house, vacuuming up dust bunnies that grew to the size of footballs.......we used good old Murphy's Soap on all the furniture and then placed pumpkin/harvest themed decor randomly throughout the house. Then we lit some apple spice candles to bring it all full circle in the name of fall.

So Saturday morning rolled around and it was the beginning to another great day......I woke up to a nice clean house, the sky was clear and my coffee came out just the right color. We headed out to a local "Celebrating Agriculture" fair where we had an awesome breakfast in the barn, toured the dairy farm and visited countless educational exhibits with all the local farmers. There was everything from fiber artists demonstrating the art of spinning to baby chicks hatching to booths with bee hives. Of course I gravitated to the dairy goats and alpacas.....Josh was hanging with the chainsaw and tractor guys.

Josh had to go into work for a few hours on Saturday night, so I took full advantage of another "quiet" night and did what felt like the right thing. Junk Food.

I went out to the grocery store with the kids and bought all kinds of chicken wings, popcorn chicken and soda.......we also bought all the ingredients to make hot fudge sundaes. Yeah, we were taking this hanging in Sat. night seriously and we were not going to miss out on any extra calories or stomach aches. Not sure what got into me....but I just felt so blessed to have my almost 16 and 18 year old sons home with me on a Saturday night, because they wanted to......not because they had to or were grounded. I don't take these things for granted, you know. I know they are not perfect, we have our challenges with them......in fact, I believe I did have to get alittle psycho in the store when they were being obnoxious to each other (you know.....that crazy dazed glare from a mom when she starts shouting without releasing her clenched teeth?)......but the truth is, they are good kids and I love them with all my heart. So I felt like treating them and let them each pick out something for our Saturday night food fest.

We woke up Sunday morning.....I was a little puffy due to the sodium and fat content in my bloodstream......and headed off to church. The best part was that Josh has been inviting a friend, R, from work to come with us to a service as he has been really "searching" for answers. Well, he decided to take him up on his offer this week. Josh had voiced his concern that this friend came from a negative church experience and probably might be a little apprehensive. Coupled with the fact that he has only been exposed to a stand, sit, kneel experience with a very quiet dark atmosphere......we knew he might be a little intimidated walking into our church that had the band rocking out with the big screens and a bunch of people dancing and shouting in the aisles. I reminded Josh that God knows what He is doing and will make sure that R gets blessed in one way or another. Well, of course.....this is exactly as it went down. The message was all about modern technology/media and the church which is exactly what Josh and R do for work (entertainment/audio visual) and they also touched upon the fact that our church is currently opening a campus location one town over from where R lives. How cool is that? The cherry on top (sorry, still in ice cream sundae mode) was R calling Josh later in the day and thanking him again for inviting him to church and that he wanted to come back next week! WOOT!

OK, so the only not so great thing that happened this weekend was that for some bizarre reason, the Patriots game was not broadcasted on our local Fox channel. They had a NY Jets/Giants game (not sure which one) airing instead.......(you will see I am not a football person, I just play one one Sunday afternoons when it gives me an excuse to make nachos). The only reason I knew it was a NY team was because I could hear Josh having a meltdown, yelling at the TV something about why would they show NY and not the New England game? He was frantically flipping through all the channels and I believe I witnessed a vein throbbing from his forehead.

He did find one channel that just displayed a score board with all the Sunday football games and had the commentators for the Patriots game. I suggested that it was better than nothing and he could pretend he was back in the olden days when people gathered around the radio......let's just say that didn't go over so well. He grabbed his plate of reheated spicy chicken, growled as he dipped them into the ranch dressing and later just gave in to it all as he flopped on the bed. I will say that it was pretty comical to see a 40 year old man pout as he listened to the game...... until he fell asleep for a very much needed nap.

We ended the night by taking a ride to a good friends' restaurant that she had recently invested in. Someone we used to work with, at that nightclub "back in the day" was leaving for Florida and he was throwing himself a going away party. So I threw on my favorite jeans and we headed out. The kids had strict instructions to keep the knucklehead antics to a minimum and my most important request was to keep the house nice and clean as I worked so hard the night before.

So we headed out to the "city" for this party. Now I haven't seen any of the people expected to attend (except my friend) for almost 10 years and really did not want to go......but I went because I knew I would get to see her new place and it was the right thing to do. We decided we would go early so that we could make our appearance and then return home because I was not missing Amazing Race!

Now, I know that my life has done a 180.......but even being around the language and the mindset of some of these people made me uneasy for that one hour, whereas I used to work in that environment 25-30 hours a week. The things I might have laughed about before made me uncomfortable now......I had a hard time joining in their conversation as I couldn't relate to what they talking about. Partying, bragging on their newest sports cars....clubbing, dating, showboating all their accomplishments/materialistic gains........It just seemed so empty and dark to me.

Josh and I received more than a few comments about how happy we looked and how it was so "unbelievable" that we were still together after all these years. They had this confused look on their face when we talked about being happy in the country raising our kids (both human and goats, lol).....homeschooling and living more simple. Some asked how we "do" it......as many were either in between relationships or going through a messy divorce. When talking to a few people, I started to see through their happy partying facade and see the sadness that was buried under it all. When asked that question, I had one simple answer. It's all God. It's all because of Him.

I know that these words fell on some deaf ears as well as some drunken ears......but I hope and pray that I planted a seed in the few that heard them. I would have loved to share more of what God has done in my life......but most changed the subject very abruptly as they did 10 years ago.

As more people started to shuffle in, I gave my friend a big hug and then it was our chance to slip out the back door. I couldn't wait to get out of that atmosphere, both the physical and the emotional/spiritual. I couldn't wait to get out of the city congestion and get back to my house "in the sticks". Josh and I reflected on how once again we were reminded of the grace of God and how thankful we were that He had a beautiful new-and-improved plan for our lives.

So much so, that it didn't bother me that my house was not in the same condition as it was when we left......it was better. There were dishes in the sink and there were shoes/clothes scattered around the house. My twinkling lights were not plugged in and it didn't smell like an apple pie......but there were four kids who were healthy and safe.

I didn't care that the dishes stayed in the sink......I made a plate of nachos and settled in to watch the shows we recorded. I could help but continue to think about my past that I feel God rescued me from.....so I kept giving thanks to Him. I thanked Him for all the great blessings He has rained on us and even all the little details of a great weekend.

....and that is why I woke up today thanking Him for this Monday.

I hope you are ready to embrace the week ahead.....I'd love to hear what you are thankful for today......

Peace, love and stay barefoot~


2Thinks said...

Happy for you that you enjoy your family as you do. That's a lot to be thankful for.


Heart2Heart said...


I can completely relate to your experience with being with friends who are completely consumed by the very things of this world, yet just underneath it all they are so miserable and still searching for the next something that might fill that hole.

Praying for those people that you touched simply by telling them that God is at work in your lives, that they might decide to check that out.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Billy Coffey said...

You always leave me smiling, Michelle. It's a wonder you're not exhausted after all of that.

Kim said...

What a testiment you and your family are.

Your friends need o nly to look at you and your husband to see what is missing in their own lives. I trust that they alreadyknow, but sometimes it takes a while when the answer isn't the one you are looking for.

Daveda said...

Wow! That's some weekend LOL, sounds like it was a lot of fun. I know what you mean about your son's WANTING to spend time with you. When my 18yr old comes over to hang out just because, I love it...though sometimes I think he is just hungry!

I love it when God gives me the opportunity to get to know people who do not know Him. The hope and freedom they see in me is them seeing a bit of Jesus reflecting through. The more they get to know me the more of Jesus they see (not that I am not flawed...you know what I mean, I hope...otherwise I just sound conceited LOL).

amanda said...

what a weekend. did you also realize in TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!! i'll be in your neck of the 'sticks'.?!?! i'm super stoked. and excited. and beyond ready. well not 'ready' as in all ready to go...but ready to be away from all this. i'm not a football watcher either. well neither is shaun. in fact i'd say i'm more so than him. but that's because my mom is an insane packers fan {she even has packer undies} i love that your kids hang out with you. and i love that you watch amazing race!! maybe we'll have to come on sunday night instead. then we can watch it together. :0) lol. it was a good episode and i can't wait to see you and your buddy on it. :0)

Mimmy said...

Michelle - I truly loved this post. Your weekend was a video in my mind with me in your place and my children filling in for yours. There are times I would be very happy to have those days back again and times I am very happy we have made in through. Now I get to enjoy grandchildren. Aren't God's plans for families wonderful.

God Bless,

wife.mom.nurse said...

Glad you spent the weekend enjoying your family.

The party sounded like a drag. It's amazing how when we turn to the Lord our old ways look so horrible.

Have a great week!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing such sweet blessings. I am thankful today for the birth last night of my great nephew, his name is zachary wyatt. He is the grandson of my big brother who went to heaven last year.

momstheword said...

Michelle, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you! You should have linked up, it would have been fun! You were making your home sing just by recognizing how very thankful you are for the life that you have!

I got busy today and just didn't get back to it. you know how it is.

I appreciate when my sons are home together as my oldest one is very busy with work, school, church, ministry and hanging with his friends, so he's not home as much!

Theta Mom said...

So much to be thankful for! Thanks for the follow. I am following back. :)

Lynds said...

I understand about it seeming empty and dark. I'm sure I'm full of my own empty thoughts and even consumerism. Jeremy bought me an ipod touch for last Christmas, and I'm pretty happy with the little dandy thing.

A lot of the people in Jeremy's work crowd are this way though. I can't relate and or even find common ground to discuss with the wives. They send their kids off to daycare so they can do what they want all day (homemakers), they party all weekend long, talk about hang overs. I seem like a "quaker" to them, enjoying my kids, enjoying the Lord, church services, and homeschooling!

Rick and Monique Elgersma said...

It's amazing people ask us "how do you do it?" We're used to the techy kind of life that always has a blazingly beautiful method that bedazzles the likes and wiles of mankind. My wife and I "do it" by simply being in love. No Gadgets.

But for the rest of life, my ipod is connected to my stereo receiver at home and I'm listening to one of close to 6000 songs that easily fit onto this little machine. I don't even own a cd player anymore. Now is that making my life more or less sordid?

~*Michelle*~ said...

Oh Lynds.....I love my Quaker friend! LOL

and WOOT! Amanda!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

and hopefully this didn't come off as "look at us"....."we are so happy and perfect, just call us Ward and June Cleaver, thankyou!". No...not at all...we just are really happy. Sure we have our troubles just like everyone else.....but we have Christ and it is because of Him that we make it through all those troubles.

@ Rick.....hopefully you don't think I am all down on iPods and the latest techy stuff....I am just a newb who is slowly tippy toeing into what most consider the norm. My reference to the "empty" was not really about the flaunting of materialistic stuff, but more about what I perceived to be an endless search for happiness in "things", if that makes any sense. If you've read my Philippians X 2 post (beginning of Sept) I talked a little about the club environment I worked in and how, even back then.....I was mocked/ignored when I spoke of Christ....so I guess I was pretty much feeling sad that things haven't changed for many of these people who I believe could be living a more fulfilling life (even when the gadgets and things break or they are no longer able to afford them)..... if they brought God along for the ride.....and then eventually let Him lead the way, yk?

I bet if Jesus was hanging out here with us, he'd have an iPod cranking some crazy worship! *wink

Beth E. said...

Wow...that was quite a weekend you had! Me? I went to the grocery store and washed laundry. I did buy some potted mums. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful weekend! Having both boys in college has definitely slowed things down around here!

Have a great week,

Alicia said...

Hi Michelle!!

Awesome about your sons friend!! I do hope that he goes back to your church and gives his life over to Christ!!

And I totally know what you mean about the "old friends." It's not that I think I'm better than anyone, but I have no desire to be in those kinds of settings. You described it so perfectly!!! I'm sure it made you appreciate your life even more. I couldn't imagine our lives w/ out the Lord. It would be so empty and unsatisfying. We have to keep praying for our unsaved friends!!

christy rose said...

I can completely understand thanking God for Monday after that busy weekend. And, thanking God for the life that He has blessed you with.

It is so sad that the world does not recognize the darkness that they live in. We are the only Light that can bring a ray into their dark world and shine it onto their lives. We are the hope for them. Well, Jesus in us, is the hope for them. So, I guess we do need to remain here and shine. Otherwise, let's get the heck out of here and go home! huh?


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