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Three Things this Thursday

Hello! So happy you came by, especially if you are a returning friend......and thankful that someone didn't call the men in the white coats to come take me away this week after finding out I find/seek God and His message in everything........ including my farm animals. Sometimes I am intense, sometimes I am simple.....but I always keep it real, even if I know it might raise an eyebrow or cause an eye roll.

So, I was hosting a Three Things this Thursday carnival last winter/spring. It was a fun way to post three random things which could be something funny that happened that week, a new craft/recipe, a prayer request....going with my mindset, it was totally random with no rules. So when summer rolled in, I put 3TTT on vacation in hopes to pick it back up this fall. Well here we are.....in late September....I still don't have my shtufff together enough to be consistent enough to start it back up (oh great, now I have that Green Day song in my head.....Wake me up, when September ends)

OK focus, Michelle........ so I am passing the torch over to Dave, Homeschool Dad, the man who does his own stunts.......who clearly will be a more organized and fabulous host. Please pop on over, say hello and jump in on the 3TTT fun!

So here are my Three Things this Thursday to share:

1. I want to say that I was literally floored by everyone's awesome support, encouragement and prayers when I shared what has been on my heart with my last post. And like I said.....even more appreciative that no-one suggested that I seek mental counseling rather than fertility counseling when I believe that God was sending a little message with my Wanda story. If you didn't get chance to read it, I encourage you to do so. Not only to read what was on my heart, but to read what so many beautiful people shared with me. It also gives you a chance to follow their profile to their inspiring blogs.

Here are just a few, just to give you an idea on how many awesome friends I have......yes, you are all my friends whether you like it or not! (I would post all of them but that would make for a really longer than normal post....so I will just grab a few, one no more powerful than another)

Heidi @ 2Thinks said these beautiful words that were so comforting.....""Except that God loves His children and knows the desires of each heart. When I read about His character in His word, I don't see that he works to make the faithful crazy, but promises to be with them always, providing for their needs and loving them unconditionally to the day each returns to live with him forever. He instructs all to lean on Him- to press into Him in all things. He is a promise keeper."

I was so thankful to even have a few men pop step out of their comfort zones while I was babbling about my ovaries and share what was on their heart..... (kinda like real men wear pink) "........but I just wanted to say that I truly believe God will honor the desires of our hearts as long as those desires are for Him. And I have no doubt your desires for a child are just that." ~Billy Coffey

And if it wasn't too obvious with his sense of humor, the first comment talking about how "his sperm do not swim in circles, they are true men who just don't stop to ask for directions" was my husband, Josh. He just doesn't know how to log into his own blog account to comment yet, no matter how many times I show him. *sigh*

Anyway.....I have been praying, praying, praying all week.....and I believe that I need to keep the steering wheel in God's hands and just continue to do what we are doing. If another child is to join our family, which I still feel so strongly will happen.....so it will be. We have talked of adoption before, but usually it was when we thought our children were older. But who knows, maybe it will be sooner than we think.....yet something else we will be praying about. Many of you have shared your adoption stories with me and the thought of being a mom to a child who has none makes my heart sing too.

I was thrilled to have these friends see God through my little mid-life crisis hen, Wanda too:

I'm trying not to jump to conclusions, but Wanda's sitting on other chicken's eggs speaks so loudly of adoption to me (notice I said 'to me.') I don't believe God gave a mother's love only to dash it to pieces. Keep all the windows open, so something can fly in. Ok, I have no idea why I just said that. God, hello?......Deborah Ann, Heavenly Humor

And Meredith from Things We Carried shared her beautiful adoption story with me and added this little PS
"....I believe God does use anything He wants to show us things. Whose eggs did your hen end up becoming the mama too?Just sayin' :)"

I also believe that God had a plan for me to share this story for so many other reasons besides getting such wisdom and insight. Nancy from If Evolution Works was inspired to write about her road of infertility......and I found out that I have ALOT in common with Erica from Scottsville too!

So thanks again for pouring into this journey with me......I do not know what the future will hold for Josh and I and our family size, but I do know that I will continue to love God unconditionally and faithfully and serve Him with ALL my heart!

oh yeah....I still need two more things:


2. We are naming our little farm "Kingdom Kids" as we want to give God all the glory.
These animals are ultimately His (Kingdom) and we think it's kinda cool using "kids"....you know, for these little friends?

So you know in the book of Genesis where "in the beginning" all animals enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with each other? We kinda like to think we have a little bit of that Garden of Eden going on around here with the way that everyone gets along. (except for the occasional cat/dog taunting or watching Mufasa think he can actually catch one of our "free-ranging bunnies).......

Little Alvin lays her eggs in the hay feeder and our cats just chill with the chickens.....
Yes they do all get along pretty well around here.......now if I could only get my kids to co-exist peacefully like this!

3. And lastly........a public service announcement. Always check expiration dates, they are there for a reason. Especially on frozen items. Refrigerated pie crust dough only lasts three months......do not attempt to make pies with them, even if it doesn't smell funny or is not slimy in any way. And certainly do not attempt to make pies with apples that cost you about $9 at your recent trip to the apple orchard when celebrating Johnny Appleseed studies.
Yes, I made a pie that didn't make my house smell like a beautiful fall day with cinnamon in the air.......it smelled more like feet when I pulled it out of the oven. I couldn't figure out what went wrong.....until I checked the end of the pie crust box. Nov08

This would tie into the advise to clean your freezer out more often....and since when was 2008 sooooooooooooo long ago, anyway????

OK that's it for me.......if you want to jump in on the 3TTT randomness, leave your linkarooni over at Dave's place!

Have a beautiful day!


E @ Scottsville said...

Michelle, you seem to also have a LOT in common with my sister as well. She raises goats (milks them too) and chickens and dogs and cats and has bunnies that are free to roam and they don't run away. =0)

You seem to be so peaceful in your post today... that can only come from God! And maybe He worked through a few 'friends' to give you that peace. Awesome!

PS - I have two adopted brothers as well. =0)

Billy Coffey said...

Kingdom Kids? That's awesome!

I think you're on the right track as far as letting God do the driving. After all, He knows the way better than anyone.

Denise said...

Yes, let God do the driving. He will drive you straight to the desires of your heart sweetie.

cindyhan111 said...

Wow, Michelle, with less time to 'blog' that means less time to read, and ohhh, I missed so much beuty over here!!! I can always count on God to let me smile here.

How beautiful is it you want to add to your family!!! Me too... I am 36... just winging it.

I want to lift a few things: God does speak to us through our environment. I was made blind once, and when I had that resolved, I was made blind again (both times in one eye) but in a different way... and my eyes have always been 20/ 20 healthy. (which reminds me this marks a one year anniversaru to 'good'sight and need a checkup! ;)

what was God saying? ... who the heck knows... I'm still not sure what I haven't been 'seeing'. But it does remind me of:

There's a favorite Pastor's story, you may or may not have heard:
there was a flood. a man found his way to the roof and prayed to God to save him. A few minutes later a guy in a canoe came by. Asked if he wanted a ride.

The man said "no, I'm waiting for God to save me." then a man in a raft came by.... "~no, God will save me..." and thirdly a man in a speed boat stopped. again he waved them on. Sure enough the waters rose and the man drowned.

Getting to heaven, the man says to God, "I prayed, why didn't you save me?" God said, "What do you mean? I sent a canoe, a raft and a boat! None of them were good enough for you!"

My sister, had many miscarraiges.
7 to be exact. They tested a specific hormone, that she was apparently lacking, and with repeated injections of this hormone, she was, indeed, able to carry her last child to term, and what a beautiful young lady she is today. I pray by 'doctor' you are referring to a specialist. It seems you might be testing the wrong stuff....

If you care for more information into this matter please e mail me at cindyhan111@yahoo.com. I will be happy to give you some leads.

But like you, I do have my head in heaven and believe if Sarah could have Isaac....

YOU are a beautiful and very beloved soul!

Mich said...

You seem to have a little pep in your step, which can only mean one thing...you decided to let God have the wheel. I know in His time He will give you the desires of your heart.

Once again I smiled all the way through...

Heart2Heart said...


God is perfect in sending you just the right people to inspire you and keep you and your faith going just when you seemed like it was drying up.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The Things We Carried said...

I think many of us appreciate a person who is who they is :)! Thanks for the link over!

LisaShaw said...

Hi Michelle, I came by to thank you for your comment on my blog. I read your post here and I said a prayer for you. Trust the LORD as He is navigating your life. Surrender to Him.

Blessings to you dear one.

Daveda said...

OH...I love the animals :) And I missed your last post, so I am going to hop down there now and take a read...

Just Be Real said...

Michelle, such a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. Blessings....

Deborah Ann said...

Seeking God in everything does tend to bring out the white coats, doesn't it? Heavy sigh. I'm still running from them, lol. I'm learning that seeking God in everything is exactly what He desires us to do. Some people make it so complicated with works and Martha-duties. It's a good thing a simple-minded person like me can enjoy God in everyday life. If I can do, then anyone can do it!

As for your pie...my cooking seems to always stink up the place, and I have no outdated supplies to blame it on. Another heavy sigh...

Kim said...

I love your posts and the simplicity you enjoy!

Thanks for checking on me. Things are going fairly well. I went back to work on Wednesday after having surgery on Monday and in hindsight, that might have been pushing it. Still, I survived and Miss L seems to be doing well too!

Now I just need to convince her that it is medically necessary for us to BOTH nap every day until she returns to school.

Beth E. said...

Kingdom Kids...very clever! We have a daycare center in our town with that name.

How neat for the animals to live in peaceful co-existence with one another!

Oh, and I think your public service announcement is a good one...same thing happened to me with a tube of crescent rolls. Ewwww...

Um, one MORE thing...if you lived here...where I live...your name would be pronounced Mi-SHAY-ull. Just sayin'... ;-)

P.S. Thanks for the comments about my recipe for the salsa. Let me know how you like it!

Christy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm off to read you a little more and get to know you.

Theta Mom said...

Letting the man upstairs lead you is the only way for you to follow your path right now. Keep the faith...

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

And thank you for sharing your story with me :) It meant a lot to me.

I wish you nothing but happiness!

Anonymous said...

I need someone to help me champion this family. The need is too much for any one person but many giving just $5.00 would help. So I am asking that you send this link to your community of friends and ask them to just give something. They can send the link to their friends. Thanks. 1 John 3:17.

momstheword said...

Oh yeah, I love Erica! She's my bloggy sister in crime, lol!

What a blessing all that support is. Especially awesome as they are from total strangers who have become friends (and brothers and sisters in Christ).


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