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Dream Jobs

So I wish I would be able to come back after almost a week with some profound words of wisdom or the story of an amazing breakthrough experience that happened to me. I guess I could share the amazing message we heard at church, but that would be just repeating what Pastor Felix taught about tithing/The Sacred Portion and like I mentioned in my last post, I am not a phony. But, if anyone is interested in hearing something powerful.....please let me know and I can grab a copy of the message on DVD for you. I think they are only $5 and I could ship it out, no problemo.

Anyway.....the truth is, I have just been busy with family, enjoying the gorgeous weather and preparing for the onset of schooling. We had a great cookout/pool party over the long weekend for N's birthday at Josh's parent house...it was so nice to just chillax with family and friends and just embrace the day.

So driving home from the party, I was listening to my favorite station K-LOVE and one of the hosts asked this question that I thought would be interesting to ask here and allow others to share how they would answer.

The question is this:

What would your top three dream jobs be?

Now let's just think about that.....and focus on the question and not thinking about how if you do that job than it makes what you do now less valuable. For example, I love the fact that I am blessed to be able to stay home and school my children, I wouldn't trade it for the world........


because this is my blog with my made up rules....... imagine that everything in your life that you want to stay the same, will stay.......AND......you could be doing the dream job, how's that?

OK, I'll go first.

1. Midwife- I love babies, I love being pregnant and pregnant mamas.....and I would love the amazing experience to be part of bringing new life into the world. Did I ever tell you of the time we helped deliver kittens? One baby was stuck in the mama, and I felt all Grey's Anatomy as I shouted "push mama"....and when I finally got the kitten out still in the sack.....I broke it open, started rubbing it with a towel and was prepared to give kitty CPR. Thankfully, the little fella gave one good meow and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

2. Christian singer- I cannot hold a tune to save my life.....but man, do I wish I could belt out some praise and worship like Barlow Girl or Superchic[k]. How awesome would that be to be leading a crowd in pure worship for Jesus?! I think sometimes during church I get a little out of hand.....people moving over a few seats tip me off. But that's OK.....God knows my heart and He can adjust the volume accordingly. :)

3. Missionary- With the tons of exposure of the injustice and poverty, I cannot even imagine the joy it would be to be able to bring hope to some of these villages in less fortunate places. I've seen on many blogs the beautiful journey and some day I really want to have that first hand experience myself. I would love to be the bearer of food, clothing and most importantly the Good News for these people.

OK, so sitting back and looking at my list......two out of three could be possible. I mean, Josh and I have said that when the kids get older, we wanted to do one trip to Africa together.....and in all reality, I could go back to school to be a midwife. I would be about 60 by the time I finished school with part time classes, but hey.....I am gonna be 60 anyway, why not be 60 fulfilling a dream?

Not so sure about the singing gig.....somethings are better left in a "dream".

So how about you? What would your dream job be? If you have the time.....share your top three!

Have a beautiful week....


Kendra Lee said...

Hmmmmm, dreamjobs.

Well, activities director at a Caribbean resort - sun n fun all the time!!

Medical Missionary - my fav part of the mission work we did was translating for the medical mission teams!! Again, in a place warm and SUNNY!!

Counselor - have been pondering this on and off for years... I always want to help people and lead them to the One who can help...

Ok, so off the cuff, there's my 3. That's without thinking much about it... maybe I'll post later as I think about it today :D

Have a super day!!

Daveda said...

LOL...this is great Michelle

Dream job #1...Talk show host! No doubt hands down, this is me! (As you can tell from the name of my blog)

dream Job #2 Author/Speaker...I do the speaking part when God opens the door, and I am working on the author part...someday, In His way!

Dream Job #3...Radio Host, not as good as a talk show, but hey...

Kim said...

#1- DJ, with my sister. We would be a rockin' team.

#2-Working for a non-profit agency.

#3-A Full-Time stay at home mom whose house magically stayed clean, laundry done, meals cooked allowing me time to frolic at the park, and the zoo, and the library, and the......

Heart2Heart said...


What a great thought provoking question. Here are my responses!

1. Youth pastor for teens. I think it is so imperative to reach out to these teens because so often they come from broken homes or from parents who simply don't care and I would love to reach out to all of them.

2. Christian Book Writer. I would love to know that my inspired works directly by God could change people's lives for the better and help to enhance their relationship with God.

3. Missionary doctor - I would love the able to help people out who would otherwise not be able to pay for medical treatment and make their lives much more rewarding.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

chili pepper said...

Oh, dream jobs.

I am living it and doing it...

1-wife to the greatest man
2-mother and teacher to some fun kids
3-if I wasn't doing one of these I would go back to my chosen profession and be providing midwife services, maternal care and lactation consulting.

Denise said...

Christian singer, christian counselor, praise dancer.

christy rose said...

Ok My dream jobs would be #1 exactly the life I am living-stay at home wife and mommy-but I would get paid a very good salary for it.
#2 a teacher of the Word of God
#3 a co-pastor of a church with another couple that founded our church on the message of Jesus and Jesus alone! Along with the church, I would love to provide a social atmosphere of places to eat and coffee bars, Christian library and bookstore with a gift shop. I would love to have a Christian school and a Bible school for adults along with the church.

Karen said...

Awesome dream jobs!

Mine would be:

#1--Mom. Preferably of the stay-at-home variety.

#2--Best-selling novelist and screenwriter.

#3--A real estate mogul. But not for the purposes of making tons of money. I would like to buy houses from people facing foreclosure and then sell the houses back to the owners for exactly what they still owe with very little or no interest. Then they can avoid foreclosure and also not have to move.


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