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Top Ten Thursday

Sara over at Domestically Challenged hosts this Top Ten Thursday fun, and I thought I would get in on the action this week. We have some financial shhhtuff going on in our life (we found out we need a new roof......neat!) and I am pulling my hair out getting all the paperwork organized for a loan, getting quotes, sending faxes, etc. So I need to just laugh at myself during all the craziness and lighten things up....and now you get to know more about me than you probably want to.

So I decided to list My Top Ten random info, OCD quirks, pet peeves.

1o. I have to have my kitchen sink empty and clean at night or I won't be able to fall asleep. The counters can have clutter on them, which they usually do......but the sink has to be sprayed down and clean. That includes that trap thingy too.

9. If for some reason I pass out before #10 is executed properly......and I wake up to a sink of dirty dishes, it will take more than a perfect cup of coffee that is just the right color to turn my day around. I will spiral to an all time low if someone left dishwater in the sink and I have to stick my hand in to drain it. Cold clammy dishwater, flies and globs of wet hair skeeve me out.

8. I cannot use a stainless steel utensil with a stainless steel pot. It makes my teeth ache to hear that noise. I develop a twitch if someone bites their fork when eating in front of me.

7. I have the ugliest feet on the planet. I know you all needed to know that. And I secretly (well not so secretly now) am jealous of people with nice cute feet. They walk around all cute with their perfect size 7 feet with perfectly proportioned toes all polished and happy in their beautiful feet exposing sandals. I have big old size 9 dogs with crooked toes and bunions. They are hideous......Josh often tells me that I need to give The CryptKeeper back his feet.

6. I can do some fabulous tricks off the diving board such as handstands, cartwheels and backflips. I won't tell you that it is a pretty sight to see......but I do it and people cheer......or laugh. Either way, I am proud to share that.

5. I have white coat phobia. Meaning.....excluding being pregnant and my yearly "girlie" appointments.....I have only been to the doctors about three times in the past 20 years. One when I ran over my cat and he bit/scratched me when I was trying to help him. (obviously when your back is broken you lash out at the ones you love. RIP sweet James ) The vet demanded I go to the walk-in clinic when he saw how the cat ripped my finger open and scared me with the vile germs that cats carry in their saliva. The other time was a few weekends ago when I stepped on some barbed wire and made a teeny cut under my toe (add more fuel to #7). Another scare tactic from Josh made me call the ER to see when my last tetanus was......which was that third time I was seen by a doctor)......and it was in 1999 when I got stung by a swarm of angry white faced hornets. I was right on the border for that 10 year mark....and considering I am constantly getting banged up/scratched working outside with farm animals and poop, I decided it was for the best even though I am SO not into vaccines. So I had to drag myself to the walk-in, suck it up and get the shot. Anyway.....the whole point of this is.....I have to be forced to go see a doctor because I get anxiety whenever I am in a doctor's office. Not sure if it is the vulnerability I feel in that johnnie (is the opening supposed to be in the front or the back, btw?) or just sitting on that cushioned table thing with someone holding a manila file with my name on it, waiting to tell me I have six months to live.

4. I cringe and get very aggravated if someone calls me "hon". I feel the blood rush to the vein in my forehead if a waitress calls my husband "hon" when we are being waited on. (not EVEN in a jealous way, it's just the tackiness factor, yk?). I have laser beams shoot from my eyes if is from a drive thru speaker. Double laser beams if it is from a gum snapping, hair twirling 16 year old. Not sure why it bothers me so much.....maybe I need therapy for this.

3. I have to fall asleep with my feet hanging off the end of the bed. *insert cricket noise*

2.5 (because I realized after I wrote this that I had an extra) I like the smell of skunk and cow manure. I don't mean that I want to stick my nose in it, but I like it in a country girl kinda way. I appreciate the "smell sense" more than the average person, I think. I have to smell my laundry when it comes out.....and yes, they smell MUCH better than skunk! I have an obsession with homemade soaps and their scents...... I have to bury my nose in Josh's neck to get a whiff before I fall asleep.

2. I can write backwards in cursive. Not sure how that talent will ever help me......maybe if I end up in jail and I need to give my cell-mate neighbor a message and I happen to have a hand held mirror to reflect the message his way??? OK, that was lame, but trying to think about what other purpose it serves other than writing messages to myself as a kid and standing in front of the mirror to read them (even though I am the one who wrote it). Again......therapy might help here.

1. Evolution theory is the number one thing that makes me turn into a lunatic. The thought that we all came from the same one cell organism is just the most insane ridiculous idea. When we experience our Monarch's life cycle, all I kept saying/thinking was what an awesome Creator to take such passion for the details of this one creature's life. To think that every living being was just some random acts of mutations is ludicrous. OK, my fingers are pounding away and getting all fired up so I better leave it be.

Hey that was pretty fun.....not sure for you guys, but for me......I needed some to just ramble about nothingness today. If you have a Top Ten List......head on over to Sara's place and leave your link too.

Have a beautiful day!

Peace, love and stay barefoot (even if you have ugly feet like me)

oh, and ps. I have had a few people contact me about my Three Things This Thursday carnival that I put on the back burner this summer. Being the inconsistent frazzled person that I am.....it was getting difficult to commit to posting every week so I am working with Dave, Homeschool Dad and passing the torch onto him. He is much more organized and has some great ideas for 3TTT. Will get that info to you as soon as we wrap it all up.


ransom33 said...

Keep up the good work in your site. Your style of writing is so different to mine but I absolutely love it. You crack me up and add that bit of humour in my all too serious approach to life.

I thank God for you, ugly feet and all!!

Denise said...

Such a fun post.

Jen said...

Oh hon, what a great list. HA. HA. HA.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Funny, Jen.....real funny!

@ransom33....thanks for appreciating my randomness.....sometimes I know I am all over the place with my thoughts and how I write, so I am happy to hear that some people "get it" and/or can follow along. :)

Heart2Heart said...


I love your list and I got to learn so much about you from reading it. I love that you can write cursive backwards. What a hidden talent. You never know where that will come in handy.

I am fearful of doctors as well and the biggest sissy when it comes to dentists as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose said...

Oh wow! I learned so much about you today! I never go to the doctor either. I have not been, except for babies, not even for yearly girlie appts, since my first girlie when I got married. And before that it was my high school physical, and before that it was my fifth grade physical. I am not sure before that. I can't remember. :)

You like the smell of skunk!!!!! EWWWWW! LOL

Loved this post!

~*Michelle*~ said...

LOL Christy.....now remember, it's not like I want to have a skunk scent candle burning in my house....I just don't mind it like most people do. :)

LucieP said...

haha!! loved this!

Martha said...

You just stuffed my face with yet TEN more reasons why I adore you!!

If you like the smell of cow manure and skunk then my house will feel like home sweet home to you. I am currently potty training my son and my husband has sweaty feet, need I say more?

Speaking of feet, my husband is absolutely convinced that I am a descendant of the Blackfoot tribe. Yes, it's an actual tribe and I fit the description perfectly. My feet... is.. black as the road :o) who invented shoes need to be shot down!

Love ya, Martha

Mich said...

Great fun to read...

amanda said...

i love the list. i HATE when people call me hon as well. call shaun it...and it's so not fun. i promise to not let my fork touch my teeth when i eat around you. and my dad always told me i had ugly feet. so we can walk around ugly together barefoot. :0) i also LOVE your post about being comfy. this weekend, well saturday, things seemed to be going too well. and i was right sunday happened. grrr. but it's all good. right? and the monarch pictures are beautiful. glad you let george go. :0) love you sis and praying too!

amanda said...

oh and i can recite the alphabet backwards. not too useful either. except that's what ppl had to do at our wedding in order for us to kiss. so it worked out then. i hate the whole kiss when we slam on our glasses thing.

Kim said...

Love this post!

I HATE doctors and I have to have my gallbladder out on Monday.

I am sure that those two go really well hand in hand...

~*Michelle*~ said...

I will be praying for you Kim!

momstheword said...

This was fun! I don't like my feet either, until I get a perky pedicure. Then they don't seem so bad!

Hey, I made my tortillas without calories. If you chose to put calories in yours then you have to live with the consequences, lol!

LivingforGod said...

That's fun to read. You have a great sense of humor. "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, 'Your God reigns'" Isaiah 52:7 We, Christ's followers, can all have beautiful feet :).

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Mimmy said...

Michelle, I do love your blog. The absolute randomness and yet complete truthfulness amazes me. My unscheduled posting right now is not premitting me to get in on all of these wonderful, special daily posts. Hopefully, once my new laptop gets her and I'm not having to compete with my hubby, his church work, our personal "stuff" and my pain to get time to "compute" I'll do better. I'm looking forward to your Thursday sharing.

God Bless,

Alicia said...

Those were good Michelle!!

LOL about your feet and the backward handwriting!! That is pretty talented!

Kendra Lee said...

Love this post! Love randomness!! Funny, in one of your comments, about not running out to get a skunk candle... My father-in-law is an ex-smoker, but was talking about how he still likes the smell of smoke. Another family member said, maybe someone should make a cigarette smelly candle... Can you imagine?? LOL Sounds disgusting to me, but to each his own :p


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