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Not me Monday!

Had a crazy weekend.....trying to get a grip on my organizational skills and wrapping up my mini pity party for one.

I thought I'd add some laughter to the whirlwind of emotions and jump into the Not Me Monday Fun with everyone from MckMama's world. It's a great way to admit some of your imperfections and reveal a few moments that you might rather forget. Whatever it is.....it is great therapy and a great way to start the week and just laugh at yourself.

OK, so here it goes......I did not forget to put gel in my hair the other morning when I dashed out to beat the heat and run errands. No, I was not horrified to see my reflection on my car window and see that my hair frizzed out to a one foot radius resembling Rosanna Rosannadanna.

I did not walk around scolding the kids for bringing chicken poop on my newly washed floors only to look down and find a blob of chicken crap stuck to one of my Crocs. Nope, not me.

N did not tell me that I had many purple splatter spots on my face from tie dyeing an order......only after I went to door twice and had conversations with two people, the UPS guy and someone who wanted to buy eggs. Man, I need to look in the mirror more often. I think I had an air boogie dangling from my nose too. neat.

I did not each a platter of nachos the other morning at my pity party for one. I did not justify that it was a healthy representation of the food pyramid: grains (chips), vegetables (salsa), dairy (sour cream and cheese). Then I did not whip up another more loaded version for dinner and justified it yet again with same "healthy" ingredients and added in my protein (ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning).

I did not imagine I was a stealth ninja when I snuck on my neighbor's farm to grab some milkweed for our monarch caterpillars. The Mission Impossible theme song was not playing in my head as I dashed under the electric fencing. And I did not feel the urge to do a cool tuck and roll under that fence upon exiting just for the full effect for N who was watching from the van.
**Edited to Add: I feel the need to explain that my neighbor has told me I was welcome to any of his milkweed.....the "sneaking" on was more for avoiding the angry cows and the cow pies and giving a more dramatic adventure tone to the story.

And today......I will not shamefully brag on my husband. Of course he is my bestest friend in the whole wide world and is handsome, brave, loving and smart.....that's a gimme. But I wanted to mention that you might want to pop over to his blog, The Book of Joshua, that he started pouring into recently. Tell him I sent you and you get a cool prize......well, you do not really......I don't even know why I thought to dangle that carrot say that. Of course I am bias because he is my hubby......but he writes from his heart and I encourage you to check it out. He doesn't get to post often as he works.....oh 50+ hours a week, and that is just at his paying job.....but when he does....he's got some good stuff to say.

OK, I gotta jet.......Mount Rushmore of laundry needs to be conquered and I haven't even had my second cup of coffee.

Happy Monday!

Peace and love~



Andrea said...

I did not go to work with NO make up on Friday....b/c I was so exhausted from the previous days...
Blessings, andrea

Heart2Heart said...

Love this blog post! I can totally imagine the Mission Impossible scenario you described. Priceless. Will have to check out the hubby's blog and perhaps he can check out my hubby's at Gotta Have Faith.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Karen said...

Your Not me! post did NOT crack me up! :-)

Have a lovely day!

Billy Coffey said...

Thanks for giving me a chuckle and a smile today, Michelle.

natalee said...

LOL!! THE CHICKEN POOP KILLED ME!!! LOL!! you are so fiunny

chili pepper said...

We are NOT so much alike. My whole family does NOT adore Mexican food so much that we are known at two local Mexican restaurants. We did not frequent one Mexican restaurant so often that when they saw our car in the parking lot they started fixing our dinner and set the table including our favorite drinks. NO NOT us.

Maybe we should swap so recipes some time.

Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow. I am working on an extra special little something for this fall. I can't wait to tell everyone about it...as soon as my dear daughter finishes the HTML side of it that I have no brain for at all...


Alicia said...

That was cute!!

I'm having organizational issues too!!

I will have to check out your hubby's blog!!

Mich said...

Have I told you lately how you make me smile? You are too funny in the way you write about your life.

Thanks for the sweet comment you left me.

christy rose said...

LOL I forget to look in the mirror too. sometimes, I go all day and realize that I have not even looked at myself once after I brushed my teeth. I too am usually mortified at what I look like once I finally do because I remember all the times that I came in contact with people and wonder what in the world they must have been thinking about the big stain on my shirt I forgot was there from my morning coffee, the rooster flip in my bangs that I did not realize was there from the wrestling match with my pillow the night before, and the black smear of mascara, from yesterday's make up of course, under my left eye. It is amazing how different you look in your mind and what they mirror tells you sometimes. huh?
Your whole post was so funny! I LOVED it! I will have to go check out your hubby's blog too.
Have a great week, Michelle


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

YOu had me laughing so hard, all Ninja talk and stuff! I love fellow ninja moving types!

Shark Bait said...

You did NOT sneak under an electric fence to steal a plant!

That is NOT totally AWESOME!!!


Kim said...

LOVE the tuck and roll visual.

Thanks for the laugh!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My hair was a huge frizz ball all last week because the humidity was so bad! I SO would justify nachos as a well balanced meal...especially if you added in some beans and lettuce! YUM!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Nachos sound like a perfectly balanced meal to me ;) Hope you got that pile of laundry under control. Now you can come take care of mine right?!?!


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