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Three Things This Thursday (Rescue Mission, FREE fun and a prayer request)

Thursday already? Yikes! Where did the week go?
OK folks.....3TTT is a fun way to share three random things such as recipes, tips, funny stories from your week. It also can be a place for prayer requests or maybe you just need to vent about something. The beauty is.....there are "no rules"!

So grab the button from my sidebar and jump right in.....come on, the water is great!

1. So we all know by now that I am an complete animal lover (except for that spawn of Satan otherwise known as the fisher cat.) Yeah, I am the one who lets out spiders and leaves food for the deer in our woods.
And I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree......N came home with this little guy a couple of days ago. Isn't he cute? I am stressing "cute" because my friend Amanda is completely grossed out by mice and refuses to have "cute" and "mouse" in the same sentence. So never being able to refuse a little extra fun in my life....I sent her this photo and I bet she would really appreciate it if you email her photos of little critters too! So feel free to get in touch with her on that. (actually she has a fantastic blog, so I encourage you to pop on over an visit her too!)

So this one is for you, Amanda. This cute little critter was rescued by N. She wanted to keep it as a pet, but I had to remind her that he belongs outside with all his other wild little critter friends. The conversation went like this:

N: Mom, look at what I saved today? Can we keep him?

Me: ooooooooh he is so cute, look at his little face. But no honey, we have to let him go.

N: We can't!!! Look at his widdle sad eyes.....he will be so lost out there in the world.

Me: No,.....he'll be fine. He'll needs to be back with his family. They will miss him.

N: Uh, no they won't! mom, listen to me! (putting her hands on the sides of my jaw to get my complete attention).......we have to keep him. I saved him from being eating by Mr. Mittens (neighbors cat). If I let him go, he will be so lost and lonely.

Me: N, listen (prying her hands off my face)......he needs to go back to his family, he will find them and be safe.

N: MOM!! (looking very stern at me)....His family is IN Mr. Mitten's stomach! I watched them all go down!

Me: *gulp*

FYI, *we will be setting Mr. Sad Eyes free later today......I talked N into making a little condo out back for him complete with a month's supply of bird seed and fluffy bedding for sweet dreams.

2. Be prepared! Get a jump start on the summertime "I'm bored" complaints. In our area, we have movie theaters that offer free (or close to it) movies for kids. One theater offers free admission for kids under 12 for the 10AM movie and adults bring a canned good for the local food bank. The movies are usually second run, but who wouldn't want to watch "Horton Hears a Who" or "Alvin and the Chipmunks" on the big screen again? Perfect for a rainy day or a nice escape from a hot humid one.

Wildlife sanctuaries/conservatories are great places to visit too. Many of them offer free tours....we've gone to this one, Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary for a few homeschooling field trips. The kids studied various subjects such as vernal pools (which I had never even heard of) and wildflower gardens. The classes included tours, projects and a short little classroom lesson. It was fantastic.....and free!

And check out your local libraries and community centers for other inexpensive things to do. Our library is theater workshops, book & game clubs, art and craft classes all summer long. They also have discounted passes for local zoos and museums....and rent DVDs for free. Again, they might not be the newest releases....but free works for me!

3. And now.......I have a prayer request. My brother in law and his wife were expecting their second blessing. Erin was just about 10 weeks over this past weekend and she started to experience spotting. The spotting got heavier and they ended up going to the doctor. An ultrasound confirmed that they lost their precious baby. Please lift them up in prayer as I know the pain and confusion they are going through all too well.

Lord, please keep Alex and Erin wrapped tightly in Your Comforting Arms. Give them strength. Grant them peace. Gently remind them that You always love them and are weeping along with them. God, You are good.......ALL the time. Your ways are not our ways and we may not understand why these things happen, but we trust in You, for You are The Great I AM. The Alpha and The Omega. You are the Author of our Lives. In Your Holy Name~ Amen

Thanks for taking the time to pop in my world.......please join in and leave your links/comments below. Have a wonderful day today! :)

peace, love and stay barefoot~



Catherine said...

Michelle, did you see that some national parks are having free admission weekends this summer? I haven't checked it out but there might be some near you.


Sarah said...

Nice movie reminder. I think we did this a few summers ago. It is a nice break from being outside.

Mich said...

While I was reading, it reminded me of my duaghter. Instead of Barbies and toy stores, she always begged to go to the pet store and then would hold what ever she could get her hands on. Unfortunately, for her, her poor mom can only handle a dog.

I will keep your family in my prayers.

Jen said...

Love that you tortured your friend with mouse pictures. Shall I send her some of the hamsters?

amanda said...

you tell "jen" to keep her hamsters and i'll be fine with that. we actually had hamsters growing up. stupid things chewed their way through their beautifully made tubular fun home and one committed suicide in the sub pump the other in the dehumidifier. so i'm not totally anti small disgusting little rodents. just mostly anti small disgusting little rodents. :0) of course all of that is meant in complete love. :0)

i can't believe you posted it all though. thanks for the shout out anyways. he he he. and the picture you sent me was about eighty times the size of that picture. your little walnut was the size of a watermelon on my screen. okay so it wasn't THAT big. but it was close.

praying for your brother in law and his wife. god's peace will surround and be with them. if she has an email and wants to let it all out, i'd be willing to hear it. sometimes i think it's easier to let it all out to someone who's been there, but you've never met. which may be why you got all my ranting and venting....

okay. again taking over your comments. peace out friend!

christy rose said...

I just recently met Amanda. And her blog is absolutely wonderful! I agree. But, I also agree cute and mice should not be in the same sentence.HAHA
Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law and wife. I know what they are going thru. I will lift them up in prayer for sure.

L a u r a said...

Mice and cute are okay in a sentence as long as the reference isn't in my house!

A friend gave us a live tarantula a couple of weeks ago...and that one had to stay (contained) outside until he found a new home!

We LOVE nature and critters but prefer to observe them in their natural habitat. ;^)

Very sweet that your child enjoys saving God's creatures!

Martha said...

Oh no, I will pray for your brother-in-law and his wife. How tragic, I hope they will use this experience to draw closer to the Lord for comfort.

I'm on your team hon, mice are CUTE!! Who cares about a little pee, wipe it off or lick it off :) you can always use their poo if you run out of chocolate chips. Nobody will know the difference ;)

Did I make you lose your appetite? *crosses fingers* haha!

Summer said...

Nev is so darn cute! I loved reading her convo with you. lol

Thoughts for your family.


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