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Three Things This Thursday

Alrighty.....this is going to be my version of a short but sweet 3TTT post! I hope you can also join in and share three random things today with me. Could be funny photos, a great new recipe or tip or maybe you have a prayer request. Just grab the button my on sidebar and jump right in. There's no rules to follow.......(we like it that way!)

1. my reason for a short but sweet is due to the insomnia issue (which I took my own advice and slept pretty well last night)......I have not been very productive during the day and I have a big day today. We are hosting a "field day" at our house for our small homeschooling group and I have 100 water balloons to fill, a scavenger hunt to set up and an obstacle course to create. All before 9:30AM. EEK! It's 7:30! (remember, I told you.....I am not a very seasoned blogger where I could have had this post prepared last night) Thankfully I have all my older kids home so I will be waking their sleeping butts up early and having them help.

Here is how our garden is coming along.......so far we've gotten some yummy strawberries and romaine lettuce. I plucked one broccoli crown off yesterday too. I know it's small but it's just the right size for us to be manageable. We've been busy getting all our newest members of our hobby farm settled and safe. If you didn't read yesterday's entry, you can go on back and meet Boaz and Willow, our baby Nigerian Dwarf goats. We also have some new funky feathered friends, like Kevin. (you would have had to see the movie "Up" to appreciate his name......great movie, BTW). Right now the other hens are picking on Kevin (it's a pecking order hen thing, lol)....N says that they are just jealous of Kevin's hairdo.

I have been trying to think of a name for our little farm and would love to get some suggestions from you guys.....so send some along! We will need a name when we start breeding and I need the perfect one.

3. I was blessed the past couple of weeks with three awards from three very awesome bloggin friends. I promise to pass them along when I can get my act together....but for now....I am accepting these awards ever-so-humbly, I am fluffin my frizzy hair and doing the parade wave. I encourage you to visit them often as they will lift you up, inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry.....they each bring their own gift. So here they are.....I feel like I am displaying them on my blogging mantelpiece.

Christy Rose from The Secret Life of an American Wife and Mother presented me with "Love Ya Friendship" award......Sonja blessed me with a "Creative Mom Blogger Award" and Martha from Fly Away Birdie awarded me with this "Your Blog is Super" award.

I truly feel honored that these fabulous women appreciate what I have to say....I have to be honest, as I've said before......this blog has been a blessing to me from the beginning. It started out being my outlet to pour out what is going on in this pinball head of mine. A place to share my journey chasing Jesus and trying to enjoy every day. But it has turned into a place where I am also meeting such wonderful friends, learning something new everyday and praising God the whole way!

Have a beautiful day today.......

Please join in the 3TTT and leave your link below.....and keep those comments/suggestions coming!!!


PS. Did you really think I could keep anything "short but sweet"??

......"sweet" maybe......"short" never. :)


Dawn JOY JOY JOY Morrison said...

My 3TTTs
1. I am loving this blogging thing. I still don't get it all...like how to put pics, how to have my post comments, and guestbook to work. But I love to connect with you and share what the Lord is doing in my life too.
2. I am thankful for my little chicken condo and my 17 little Red Stars. Can't wait to come and meet the new additions to your family today. Oh and don't stress over the field day...the kids will have fun just being together. I'm looking forward to some relaxing with some of my favorite homeschool Mamas today!
3. I love my life...Jesus is my JOY!

EnJOY every second of today. Abundant blessings of JOY!

Genny said...

Have a fun field day! I am enjoying popping by your blog.

christy rose said...

1. I am glad you slept well last night.
2. Your garden is great!

3. Congrats on all of the awards!

And yes this was very sweet and pretty short comparably

Mich said...

So jealous of your garden...I have a "black" thumb.

congrats on your awards...well deserved for you always are "real" and put your heart out there.

Hope you get the rest you need...


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