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I learned alot yesterday (re-run)

(originally posted Nov '08)

So yesterday was a day full of lessons.

I learned that I could fill the tank in my van for only $31.23 when gas is down to $1.89/gallon.
I also learned that most people do not do a victory dance at such a discovery, based on the looks I got at the gas pump.

I learned, well was reminded.....about how God is the perfect Provider/Accountant.......along with having a weird sense of humor. I was doing my daily online banking......and noticed that when my last check cleared for the week, I had 52 cents left in my account (before Josh's direct deposit went in).

I learned that it doesn't have to be 32 degrees out for puddles to remain frozen. It can be 38 degrees as well. This fact was also confirmed by the people who witnessed me slip and fall in the parking lot earlier in the day. I am pretty sure I caught one guy laughing in his scarf. thanks.

So onto other learning experiences.......Last night was The Apologetics Conference at my church. I learned first that "apologetics" doesn't refer to saying sorry in this context. The word "apologetics" is synonymous with defending. Apologists are writers, educators and leaders that take on arguments or positions that are placed under scrutiny. So yeah, it comes from the Greek word apologia meaning speaking in defense. WOW, I sound smart!

I also learned that most people that attend these apologetic conferences, do not wear braids, a patchy kerchief and fuzzy Crocs.

I learned that I would really never make it in college.....not in an education sense, I mean MAKE it to a class, physically. Yes, I was that person who was excusing herself politely, banging into peoples knees and knocking over their binders as I tried to exit the row of seats when I realized I was in the wrong "class" two minutes into the session. Now this is a scary thought, as this conference was held at my church and there were only three possible "classrooms" that sessions where being held. And I had a conference itinerary complete with a map for the scheduled lectures.

I learned that I was a bit out of my league as some of the speakers sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown most of the times. I did absorb some great information/understanding of certain topics and issues, but I most likely will never be able to reiterate any of this information in any conversation or explanation. It's as if it gets scrambled from my brain to my mouth. I know what I want to say, but when I try to work it into my own words.....I just get overwhelmed, I start to stutter and then I "dumb down" these solid Creation scientists findings. Then *I* sound like the Charie Brown teacher.

One of the sessions I did find my way to was a "Responding to Dawkins" session. Apparently, Dawkins is a "new-age" atheist who actually has some really good arguments regarding his stance on God, religion and how our universe fits better with a "naturalistic" universe rather than a theist universe. I followed all the philosophical jargon somewhat and felt very enlightened after the presentation. OK, who am I kidding???...I was really lost. In fact, that last statement about the universe, I will honestly admit.....I just copied from the handout we were given.

But one thing I did learn from this Yale professor's opening remarks, was to not give into anger and frustration when I get into a debate, er discussion, about creationism with the few hard core Darwinists in my life. He referred to 2 Timothy 2:22-26 which basically tells us run from youthful passions such as always needing to be "right"......not to be quarrelsome, but kind to everyone, try to teach patiently and correcting our opponents with kindness. I know that I needed to definitely hear that as I tend to get all fired up and get angry/frustrated with the person, who is just defending what they have been taught/believe.

That is why I learned I will have to leave it to the people with lots of letters/degrees at the end of their name to explain how evolution is just an adopted theory. I will stick to my simple statement.....If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Oh another very important lesson I learned at this conference, never, I repeat, never eat two huge handfuls of dried apricots on an empty stomach when you have to be in a very quiet public setting. Let's just say my stomach felt like there was some severe lava lamp action going on and I wasn't the most comfortable. I dared not to pick up my pen when it fell on the floor.....for fear that I would be excusing myself again from the session.

And lastly, on the way home, I again learned another valuable lesson that I needed to be reminded about. Steven Curtis Chapman's song Cinderella came on the radio. What an amazing song about how quickly life goes by and how kids are only little once and in a flash, they are all grown up. There just seems to never be enough hours in the day for everything, but man, we really need to make the time (even if it's a 15 minute dance) to enjoy the small simple moments with our kids/loved ones every day. After the first verse, I started to well up with tears reflecting on how painful this song must be for him now that his sweet Maria is with Jesus. I cannot imagine what that family has gone through and the strength it took to move ahead. What an awesome testimony of true faith. If you ever get chance, check out The Chapman family interview with Larry King.....

I leave you with his video to enjoy......and reflect.
Peace and love~


Heart2Heart said...


This post was priceless. I mean where do I begin to comment. I love your blunt candor and we can use our imaginations to fill in the blanks, such as your apricots in church episode! I love it! Simple and fun!

Even though it was a re-run, it was all new to me! Love it again!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Mich said...

You crack me up! I love how you take an ordinary subject and manage to make me smile.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just had a few minutes to visit some of my blog friends tonight...Enjoyed your post It was great. ....We have had an eventful summer...and my blog time has been little...always enjoy my visit to your blog.


christy rose said...

Loved this too! You are so funny! I hope you are having a great time!

Larry said...

I like the visual thought of your dancing at the gas pump. Please add videos in the future.


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