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Variety is the Spice of Life

Today I share a typical sample of what we collect each morning from our little feathered friends. As you can see, we get a nice variety. Our Red Stars and RI Reds give us super jumbo brown eggs.....The Polish and Wyandottes produce perfect white eggs......our mixed breed bantams lay medium beige ones. Our Americauna girls will make any Dr. Seuss Fan smile with the gorgeous green eggs they lay.

Eggs play a pretty important role in our lives when you think about it. Most importantly, we, meaning me and you.....started out as an egg.

Eggs are also used in common references such as.....a brainy person is often called an egghead.

If you blurt out something that comes back to bite you in the butt......you have egg on your face.

Dealing with an overly sensitive person? You are walking on eggshells.

You never wanted to come in last in a relay race as a child, or you'd be the rotten egg.

Wanna stir up a great debate? Ask which came first, the chicken or the egg. (*I go with chicken)

OK, back to our eggs.....focus Michelle, focus!

So even though we start out with a carton of various colors, shapes and sizes of eggs here at our house, they all scramble up the same. Although they came from different breeds, when brought together.......they serve the same purpose.

Isn't that true with Christians/Followers of Christ? I am finding out, even more so with the blogging world.....that although we all come from different "breeds" and backgrounds, we all are called for the same purpose. We are called to yield the same fruit/seed.

Another side note.....(I promise to tie it all together) When we went to the concert this past weekend....this concept rang true as well (as did my ears). It reminded me of a mini version of The Soulfest. The line-up was five bands.....all with different styles. Therefore attracting a variety of fans. There were the hardcore youth who came to see the insanely energetic Family Force 5, who were responsible for my blown-out kneecaps and ringing ears.....then David Crowder brought in a more mellow crowd. But I can assure you that in reference to DC*B, "mellow" can only describe the mesmerizing, almost hypnotic level of worship with his amazing performance.....and bringing the house down for a grand finale was the southern rock style of Third Day who brought everyone to their feet to dance and sing.

Again.....completely different styles of worship, but all with the same purpose. To glorify God, encourage others to put their faith and hope in the Only One who brings Life......to bring everyone from all walks of life and different denominations together with a common purpose.

I guess today, what I trying to say......is that I am blown away when I visit my fellow Believer's blogs and find that common thread that is woven within us and keeps us all connected. Although we all come from different denominations and maybe have slightly different interpretation of The Bible....... we believe in the same concept, Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth.....He is Life.

I enjoy and appreciate all the variety of friends I have made through the blogging world. Some have been born and raised in Christian homes and have stayed tried and true on their path to salvation. Some of us......including me.....were not always living as we should, and only by the grace of God were saved and have found The Way. I have befriended some great encouragers who always offer such hope. Then I visit others who are so inspiring, they are born leaders......they take a stand on an issue that is dear to their heart and set out to accomplish their goals. I visit certain blogs where I know I will get my toes stepped on......but in a healthy convicting way. I have a special place in my heart for the bloggers who just keep it real and raw with their transparency. And of course I always enjoy my fun loving friends who insert just the right amount of humor to fill my daily needed dose of laughter.

So today......I want to thank you all for just being who you are. You all bring so much to my life, and I am so thankful to have "met" each and every one of you. I am thankful that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Christy Rose passed an award onto me about adding sunshine to her day (I cannot get the image to work!!!).......so now, I am passing along this award to every person who has brightened my life and added SONshine in any way. So if you are reading this now, you've left a kind word my way or I've visited your place and done the same...... considered yourself "tagged" with my own farmgirl version of the award, let's call it the "Good Egg" award. (**yes, this is my cheeseball and corny side)

And lastly......I thank you all again for the outpouring of prayers and emails that still have been coming my way.....so keeping it consistently corny and cheeseball til the end....I'll leave you with this quote from Bernard Meltzer.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg
even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."



RCUBEs said...

Loved that quote in the end! How interesting about the "green eggs". I don't think I've seen any...Loved the analogy being believers in Christ.
Thank you for your friendship and openness about life! God bless you and keep you always.

You "crack" me up :)

Loren said...

Oh MIchelle....I so could have written this post ... well, ok minus the eggs, and well the scrambling part ~ I like mine fried over easy LOL....see i can't focus either
But .... that is sooo what I have loved about blogging! We are all just believers in Christ...none of this "well, what church do you go to? and then with the answer comes ....judgement...or.....a big hmmm you all think or do this right?" Here is bloggy land we all just live, love and share our walks and it is awesome!

Thankyou for this beautiful and oh so wonderful post my friend and one day when we are on the Streets of Gold together worshipping our LORD and thanking HIM for HIS grace I will be so excited to give you a hug and thankyou for all you have shared and inspired in my walk! for always keeping it real!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You always have such amazing posts! Oh, I've seen all three of those in concert and LOVE them all. DC*B is my favorite though!

I'm Jen. said...

I think you are EGG-cellent, Michelle!

Heart2Heart said...


I agree with you 100%. Even though we find different things on one anothers blogs, it unites us as believers to the same unified purpose to reach out to people and use our words to glorify God in the process.

I would love a good egg award. Perhaps I will have to work on that for you

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth E. said...

I feel EGGS-actly the same way about my blog friends. ;-)

What a sweet post, Michelle. I love to read your blog.

Love and prayers,

Tracy said...

Like everyone else here; I so relate to how cool it is to meet other Believers, to enjoy what God is doing in and through them, here in the blogosphere.

Just as you said, I enjoy it all, but especially appreciate the vulnerable posts that just kind of let you glimpse into what's really going on in their heart and life. Most likely since I'm not at all an "all together" person, I can relate to the cracked eggs best.

Denise said...

May your soul be sweetly refreshed.

Kendra Lee said...

I too love that about the blogging world... the variety, yet the common denominator. Love the eggs!!

Sassy Granny ... said...

What joy it has been to meet so many new friends here in cyberspace. I must say, you all cross my thoughts and prayers often. I laugh when you're laughing, and I'm heavy-hearted likewise.

Blessings from another cracked egg.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a smile-provoking post!!! {{{hugs}}}

Alicia said...

Michelle...very well written!! I couldn't have said it any better!! I agree, totally!

Deborah Ann said...

I was just thinking that today! Cruising in Cyber City, with my travel mug filled with coffee and my pockets lined with cookies. I never have to honk for anyone to get out of my way, and I am able to keep my road rage at a minimum.

Every stop along the way is playing their own tune, and offering up their own style of Jesus dishes. And I'm lovin it...


Mari said...

I love this! The part about the common thread of believers was very touching. The quote at the end is great!


Michelle, I am Thankful for you too. Everyone has a different blog style. But we all love GOD and that is what is important... I believe the chicken came first too. I would love your good egg award:) Have a great day. Many Blessings, Audrey

About Me said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog but so glad that I found it!! I too am so encouraged and strengthened by my bloggy friends. Your post was so well spoken, simply beautiful! I totally agree! Our love of Christ unites us together as sisters.

God Bless you! Thanks for inspiring me to "Keep it Real!"

Sanctified Together said...

Thank you too for being a unique and wonderful you! That concert sounds amazing. I love every band you listed even Family Force 5 (I work out to them). Must have been a good time!


christy rose said...

Michelle, Try this html code. Copy and paste the whole thing and put it in your post. See if it works!!

img src="http://i622.photobucket.com/albums/tt308/TheRedHeadRiter/commentboxBUTTON-1.gif"/>

Love that last quote too!! We are all slightly cracked that is for sure. But a true friend sees past the crack into the goodness that lies within. Loved this post today.

christy rose said...

add < at the beginning of that code, in front of img to make it work. :)

E @ Scottsville said...

Egg-cellent post, my friend! =0)


Kim said...

I am glad I "found" you.

It is no wonder your readership has grown!

Theta Mom said...

I agree Michelle, faith is a huge way we are all connected. BTW, feels soooooooooo good to be back! ;)

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh dear Michelle,
It's evening here, and I had time to visit just one more blog... (I've not been so active on blogland lately, and I know some of my blog friends have been wondering where I've gone!)

Well, am I glad I decided to drop by your place before I signed off for the night.

This post is so well put together. I haven't been able to read many of your posts, but I just want you to know I love your transparency, your sincerity, and your subtle humor. Everything just blends in beautifully in your blog.

God be praised! Just wanted to encourage your heart tonight.

Loved that quote you ended your post with. It ties everything up together.


wife.mom.nurse said...

I'm still playing blog catch-up!

I am so glad you are my bloggy friend too. You are very special to me. I cannot put my finger it, but I just "get" you. I am glad to have you in my life :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!



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