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It's the little things....

....that make me happy! Today was a day filled with "little" things that kept me smiling....

OK, so first.....I woke up to my trusty $3 yard sale score percolator coffee pot ready to go, so I plugged in that bad boy and had a perfect cup of coffee within 7 minutes.

I then jumped on the computer to sift through emails and message boards and came across a link to a fabulous Etsy store that sold my weakness......handmade soap. I love love love handmade soap......I even am making it this year for Christmas presents (so if you are on my Christmas list, sorry for the spoiler)....but I still have no will power when it comes to buying it. I guess it is equivalent to some womens' addiction to shoes or pocketbooks. The only problem with ordering it online.....is that I hate to pay high shipping charges. I don't mind paying $4-6 for a nice chunky bar of yummy lathering luxury.....but postage costs are through the roof and sometimes I cannot swing it. Well this Etsy mama creates the most awesome soaps, they almost look too pretty to use. I can only imagine how good they are going to smell when I suds up! Her tag line is "Simple elegance... with style!" and I can see why......I have seen hand made soaps that weigh considerably less, go for alot more money.....and she is running a fabulous deal right now (in fact, she has a few)....only 99 cent shipping until December 2nd. If you need a little pick-me-up......check it out!

So on to more little treats.....we got to hang out with Patriot and all his friends at a local llama farm where you could learn about alpacas, spinning and weaving and tour the farm. It's was so cool to watch the demonstrations of spinning and needle felting.....N even got to try spinning and brought home her own yarn.....Then had a little store open that sold many of their handmade items and I scored a bar of oatmeal/chamomile soap. (yes, I just bought some this morning onine......but remember, I have no patience or willpower. In my defense, I quite sure there is a proper medical term for addictions such as these).
I was told that these alpaca knitted socks they had for sale were like getting a foot massage whenever you wear them. They did feel so soft and snuggly......but considering I am usually barefoot, not to mention on a budget (they were $20), I had to take their word for it and pass on buying them today. We did have hot cocoa and mulled cider and spent some time learning the steps involved in turning wool into this gorgeous handspun yarn. It was really awesome!

So we started to head back home.......I was sniffing my new bar of soap......and I got to hear my favorite Christmas song, Mary did you know? this afternoon. Of course I was getting all weepy (yes, you will soon figure out, if you haven't already......that I cry often). N knew not to ask why....she just waited for the song to be over (she knows about this song and what it does to me) and then gently asked if I wanted the rest of her Pringles, even though it was just crumbs. Hey, it's the thought, right?

Then I got home and my order from ChristianBook.com was waiting for me on the counter. I only placed it Wed. night,I figured it would be about a week with Thanksgiving and all.....so YAY! for me! I got the Casting Crowns Christmas CD.....I am keeping my word with my new commitment to reading, so for my first book, I bought The Shack. We also scored two homeschooling workbooks for N at a great discounted price.....and I got *free* shipping. If you can't find a code, the representatives are very helpful and friendly and can get one for you!

I also got the welcome pack from World Vision with all of Julienne's information.....we can ship her out a little package of goodies this week. :)

Hmmmmm, what else.......oh yeah, this morning E accidentally dropped a bottle of balsamic vinegar on the tile floor......yeah.....It kinda brought my content "coffee is just the right color" moment to a screeching halt. So after I did a short but sweet flinging my arms in the air and a teeny bit of a grumble......OK, alot of grumble as I watched the liquid followed the grout tracks right under the fridge. This of course forced me to pull out the refrigerator and find many interesting and disgusting things I don't care to admit as it would show how often I actually do clean in that area. Anyway.......one thing that I was happy to find under the fridge was a precious drawing that N made when she was three that I thought I lost ......again, little things!
(and just a little FYI, I have definitely cleaned under there since she was three....it was just part of our refrigerator art all these years.)

**and btw, if anyone has any remedies on how to get my kitchen smelling a little nicer.......I am all ears.

Now I am going to call it a day....I am jumping in the tub with my new bar of soap.....putting on the most comfy "shammies" and watching The Santa Clause with N.....oh, and I have left over "dirt" dessert that is calling my name. What a great way to end the day!

So that is it......nothing super duper to report for a Saturday, just little things that are super duper to me. And yes, you are allowed to make fun of me and call me a nerd for using "super duper"......twice. eek.




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