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Friday funny

So we were in bed watching How It's Made (one of N's favorite shows) and I mentioned to Josh that I was making a long overdue appointment at the eye doctors next week, as my sight has been going downhill lately. I wouldn't want to make anyone nervous by admitting how downhill it is going as they might never get into my car again.....but fear not! I will be reading road signs and staying on my side of the road soon enough.

Anyway, back to the story.....after I mentioned about needing glasses....the conversation went like this:

N: So Mom, why do you need glasses?

Me: Well, because sometime when people get older, their eyes do not work as well as they used to so they need glasses to see better.

N: But you are not old mom...not even close.

Me: Aw ....thanks so much, that was so sweet.

N: well it's true.....you don't even have that turkey gobble skin under your neck yet.

Ahhhhhhhh, gotta love it.



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