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Friday's Fifty

Due to another super busy week, I am finding myself feeling the need to pop back on my blog, but cannot slow down the pinballs that are pinging around my head long enough to get a profound thought together. So I decided to do something fun and easy on my brain. I saw this on someone's blog and of course, due to the arcade game in my head, cannot recall whose it was. But it basically was a meme that you listed 50 random facts about yourself that people may or may not know (or in my case, care to). I don't even know what the real name was, so I am calling it Friday's Fifty for all obvious un-creative reasons.

So if you have 5 minutes to blow and know ahead of time that you will never get them back.......here they are:

1. I love Jesus.
2. I am 1/2 Portuguese, 1/2 Canadian French.
3. I have four children, three boys and one girl...in that order.
4. I have one husband, who is my bestest friend.
5. I have my cosmetology license.
6. I secretly wish I had dreadlocks. (clean, small ones)
7. I am submitting an application with my best girlfriend, Lili....for The Amazing Race.
8. I dislike flies.
9. I feel much younger than what I am.
10. My dad was an Airborne Ranger in the Korean War.
11. I have an addictive personality.
12. God is #1 in my life.
13. My family is the closest runner-up to #12 that is possible.....
14. I am pretty laid back even though I appear to be a spaz.
15. I have never traveled west of the East Coast states.
16. I plan to change #15 soon.
17. My first job was working in a clam cake shack on a lake when I was fourteen and a half.
18. I will get to Africa in my lifetime.
19. I am the youngest of two children.....older brother.
20. I love all animals and believe they have personalities and emotions.
21. I am a tie dye artist.
22. I suffer from migraines that can kill an elephant.
23. I have white coat phobia (aversion to doctors, hospitals, etc)
24. I love to dig in the dirt.
25. I have a children's book in draft form with 2 inches of dust on it.
26. My husband is an expert motocross racer, but is retired due to older bones breaking easier.
27. I am not a very good cook.
28. I love being a mom.
29. I have a problem interrupting people.
30. I need coffee in the morning.
31. I don't eat fish.
32. I am super competitive.
33. I am pro-life.
34. Children who are suffering from abuse or sickness breaks my heart in two.
35. I love handmade soap.
36. I am in awe everytime I see a beautiful sky at sunset.
37. I believe in miracles.
38. I love fall things.....pumpkins, cornstalks, leaves changing color.
39. I don't understand football, but watch it anyway with my husband.
30. I love nachos......morning, noon, night.
31. I love to laugh.
32. I sing horrible, but love to do it regardless, whenever I can.....no matter who is within earshot.
33. I love pottery.
34. I have hideous feet.
35. I have blue eyes that appear green depending on what I am wearing.
36. I have a butterfly and John 8:32 tattooed on my back.
37. I also have a small pawprint tattooed on my leg in memory of my Rottweiler, Beethoven.
38. I am wondering if anyone has gotten this far.....if so.....God bless you!
39. Eating fruit with pits makes my lips and mouth get itchy.
40. Evolution theories infuriate me.
41. I have been told that I have a New York Bronxy mafia wife accent.
42. I am not from the Bronx nor have never been affiliated with the mafia.
43. I do have a raspy voice, and often get mistaken for a teenage boy going through puberty when answering the phone.
44. I know and believe that God has a plan for me and my life....and I know it is good.
45. I cannot sit still very long.
46. I cry alot.....good cries as well as overly emotional sad ones.
47. My favorite dinner is having breakfast food.
48. My two dream cars are the '78 Camaro that I used to own, back in the day.....and any Volkswagen Bus.
49. I love yard sales and Good Will stores.
50. I am just an ordinary sinner saved by the Grace of the most extraordinary Savior.

So there you go.....a little mindless chatter for ya.

*hello? hello? Is this thing on? Anyone still with me?

Feel free to considered yourself tagged if you feel like some mindless chatter yourself.....it actually was pretty fun to think about who I am and what makes me tick. And you know what.....I like me. :)

And I pray you like *you* too.

Have a beautiful weekend....



Anonymous said...

I am impressed. I can't come up with anything for lunch. And 50 things about myself???

It was neat to *meet you* through that post though.

Take care,

Andrea said...

Love this post. It is great to get to know more about you. You should put some tie- died colors on your blog. Yes, I am a bit crazy...just sounds like it represents you. Crazy for Jesus!
Blessings, andrea

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Portugues? Muito bem!


Have a blessed day.

Mich said...

Loved your list...we have more in common than you would first believe. I did this fact thing one time and loved it.

If you were on the Amazing Race (love that show!) I would so cheer for you!

Heart2Heart said...


I loved your list and yes, I honestly read all 50! I love that you are trying out for the Amazing Race! WOO HOO! Besides the fact that you are competitive anyway!

I too don't care for evolution theories. Why don't those people come to my door instead.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose said...

I like you too!
You have never been out of the east coast? No wonder your accent is so strong!!! Well when you do, let me know, because, If you travel my way, I will join you for any length of time you have available. That would be so great!

Loved learning so much stuff about you!

Hope you have a great weekend too!!!

amanda said...

i absolutely LOVED it. maybe you could travel to wisco sometime. with no other reason to meet me. because there isn't a ton of stuff to do here. i'm so excited to meet you and your family. and you do not sound like a boy going through puberty on the phone, i've talked to you. i LOVE the bronx like accent too. hmmm...and i'm super competitive as well. let's play some games!! :0) yay only a few more days...

RCUBEs said...

It's great to know more about you. I hope you'll be able to get in in the Amazing Race and win with your friend :)

God bless.

Kim said...

This was nice.

I actually did 100 things about myself. I will try to put a label on in on the right hand of my blog. You will have to check it out sometime.

Also, click the link about "miracles" too.

And nachos? You HAD me at nachos!

Bina said...

...I just might pilpher this as well! Very, very cool! I would love to comment on all 50, but will spare you that as you prob don't have the time to read it all! :) I will say that God makes me laugh as this really could have been my list, with a few exceptions! (Can I just cut and paste when I use it...?? Uh..no? Darn, ok.)

Thanks for sharing that - you just made me luv ya even more!
Best hugs to you today!

Loren said...

I have #s 1,4,5,& 28 in common with you! :)
Soo nice getting to know more about you!

Amazing Race huh!! That would be soo awesome!! You will have to let us know when the tryouts are so we can PRAY for you all to make it in! K? K!

Have a blessed weekend

2Thinks said...

...nor have never been affiliated with the mafia...hmmm. I'm thinking about that one.

*big grin*

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com said...

Thanks for sharing all of those! That list must have taken ages to write, but I love how much I learned about you.

I suffer(ed) from massive migraines too for most of my life. Diet changes (getting rid of some foods) has slowed them down a LOT for me. If you ever want that list of foods, let me know!

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved reading your list....We have lots in common.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I love posts like this. I get to know you better:) I can relate to many, many things on your list!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

These are my favorite posts to read, because I learn so much about people! Easy for you, and fun for us!! Have a great weekend~!

Kathy C. said...

Michelle, are you sure we aren't related? LOL There are WAY too many things in there that make us similar, but funny thing is there are tons that make us very different too, which is why I'm just sure we are long lost sisters, LOL. :) I read to the end and loved it all!


Michelle, What a great list. God is number one in my life also. God and my family are so important to me.

I do not like the evolution theories either. I love that show the Amazing Race. Hope you will get picked for it.

I really enjoyed this post. Have a great weekend, Blessings, Audrey

Deborah Ann said...

I love that you don't understand foot ball, but watch it with hubby anyway. Same here. It would be cool if you had a video here, so we could all hear your raspy voice and check out your homestead...what'dya think?


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