welcome friends.....thanks for popping in my world....
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Tip toe-ing into the world of blogging.....

OK, so here I am.....a brand new blogger. I figured it was time to finally get in the year 2008 and do the blog thing. I usually have alot going on in my head......sometimes very interesting....sometimes, downright weird. I think I am going to enjoy being able to move some of the thoughts out of my head and into this blog to clear out some room. It can get very hectic in my head sometimes.......kinda like a pinball machine. I think it's a combination of un-medicated ADD, my artsy fartsy imagination and the constant wonder and amazement of this life that God has given me.

Oh, so a little bit about me......hmmmmm, I guess a good way to sum up what I am is a modern day hippie Jesus freak mom. So that tells you that I just love the freedom of hippi-ness (is that a word?).....I love love love my husband Joshua and my children........and most of all, I LOVE JESUS!!! It is because of Him, that I have been blessed with such an awesome life.

So I live in a quiet little area of New England with my husband who my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Joshua. We have been together for over 18 years......We have been blessed with four awesome children......G who is 16, H just turned 15 last week.......E is 10 and N is six. Right now, I am homeschooling N and I am pretty sure E will be coming back to homeschooling next year (fingers crossed).....I have two online businesses that promote Christian natural parenting. Josh works in the "corporate world" during the day.....but then comes home to slip on his favorite tie dye shirt and cargos at night. I guess I am wearing off on him. We've been referred to as "Dharma and Greg" more than a few times.

Another thing about me, is that I love to laugh....what a wonderful gift God has given us. I always tell my children that when they are ready to get married, to make sure that they find someone who loves God and who loves to laugh....and the rest will all fall into place. :)

So I am sure I will be sharing so much more about me and my family soon enough......you will notice (and have to decifer) the way I write. I write as I am thinking.......so there are alot of "......." and "so" and "hmmmmmm" and "OK"s and alot of "!!!"......to filter through.
OK, now I am going to poke around at this blog thing and see all that it has to offer......I can't wait to make it all groovy!

Peace and love~


amanda said...

okay i'm taking over your comments i guess. but i always like to 'get to know' the bloggers i read. what christian business things do you do? maybe you answer this question in a later post. but i SO need to get to bed. i'm also bummed you live so far away. i'm a bit creepy aren't i?!?! yikes. sorry. so if i've creeped you out i'm sorry. i am just a little tired. i get weird then. so i'm going to bed and am going to quit taking over your comment sections. i promise!!


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