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Proud Mama Moment

My son Hunter is an inspiring film maker....he is only 17, but has a gift with the camera how he "sees" life through his own lens.

Here is the latest video that he filmed/edited/etc. The fact that the artist, Pink, tweeted this to her 3.6+ million followers is insane enough to make us beam with pride.....but when Hunter gives God all the Glory for being blessed with his talent/opportunities.....well that is more than we could ever dream about.

Please watch this amazing video with a powerful message......and please share!!! (you will have to pause my music player)

He is on Facebook ..... HLFilms

Thank you for allowing me to share........



Joyce said...

Wow-that was fantastic! Congratulations to your son (and mom and dad too!)

mary said...

awesome video...
Honestly I don't know who PINK is (sorry out of the musical loop - ). I wish the best for your son and congrats to him!

Andrea said...

Awesome! You should be proud.


RCUBEs said...

Great start to even greater things ahead! That was an awesome video and a much needed message.
As I read the last part of how bullying occurs commonly in middle-school, I feel that those in power at my work must be feeling or acting that way as I go through a battle against them regarding my job. It is not fun...

Blessings to you sister and glad to hear from you.

katdish said...

Absolutely blown away by this. Posted to FB and Twitter. Going to send it out to my other FB account. You should be proud, Michelle.

Kristina P. said...

What an amazing video! I work with at-risk youth and teach an anger management class. This would be perfect to use!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Yes, please feel free to share, repost, use.....such an important message to get out to the world!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This gave me chills. Wow!!! The video is awesome and your son is so talented. Congratulations!

Heart2Heart said...


I would love to see a video like this go viral on YouTube. There are so many kids hurting that this speaks volumes to them on their personal level. Your son, Hunter, is using his God-Given gift to its full potential and I personally feel he is on his way to great things. May God guide his endeavors as he pursues changing the world through his unique blend of messaging for this generation.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Tracy said...

Don't blame you for being proud Michelle, he's quite the artist.

Beth E. said...

Absolutely.positively.amazing! What a powerful video and message...I'm sharing it!

Kim said...

Amazing! Simply amazing.

I was sitting here thinking about writing my own post about bullying and not sure what to say-or not say.

My daughter just turned 8 last week and is in the 2nd grade.


The bullying has already started. She has such a good and understanding heart that she seems to be handling it well.

Much better than her momma.

I struggle with knowing what advice to give considering she, at 8, has a personality that I could only dream to have....as well as compassion.

Having had to deal with bullying myself (albeit in Jr. High), I know this is an inevitable part of life. But it is hard. Especially for girls.

How I handled it is not how she handles it, and I am glad.

But I feel ill equipped to guide her on her way.

This touched me and brought me to tears. If I do nothing else I must impress upon her (and I try to do just that) how perfect she really is.

I told her this morning that God himself tells us that we are each "wonderfully made".

Simply Darlene said...

Miss Michelle,

Congrats to your son and the whole family. I came over from Kathy's place... and then I found the HL Film youtube site and got to see the fellas with the talent.

What a blessing!


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