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Totally Random Tuesday

*I was thinking about having a little fun and lightening things up today.....so I thought about listing random things about me. Then my ADD brain remembered that I already did this....but it was about a year ago. So I am re-posting it but tweaked a few things that might have changed or I found even more interesting to share.*

Due to another super busy week, I am finding myself feeling the need to pop back on my blog, but cannot slow down the pinballs that are pinging around my head long enough to get a profound thought together. So I decided to do something fun and easy on my brain. I saw this on someone's blog and of course, due to the arcade game in my head, cannot recall whose it was. But it basically was a meme that you listed 50 random facts about yourself that people may or may not know (or in my case, care to).

So if you have 5 minutes to blow and know ahead of time that you will never get them back.......here they are:

1. I love Jesus.
2. I am 1/2 Portuguese, 1/2 Canadian French.
3. I have four children, three boys and one girl...in that order.
4. I have one husband, who is my bestest friend.
5. I have my cosmetology license.
6. I secretly wish I had dreadlocks. (clean, small ones)
7. I am submitting an application with my best girlfriend, Lili....for The Amazing Race.
8. I hate dislike (or my new term, "find it hard to love"...) flies.
9. I feel much younger than what I am.
10. My dad was an Airborne Ranger in the Korean War.
11. I have an addictive personality.
12. God is #1 in my life.
13. My family is the closest runner-up to #12 that is possible.....
14. I am pretty laid back even though I appear to be a spaz.
15. I have never traveled west of the East Coast states.
16. I plan to change #15 soon.
17. My first job was working in a clam cake shack on a lake when I was fourteen and a half.
18. I will get to Africa in my lifetime.
19. I am the youngest of two children.....older brother.
20. I love all animals and believe they have personalities and emotions.
21. I am a tie dye artist.
22. I suffer from migraines that can kill an elephant.
23. I have white coat phobia (aversion to doctors, hospitals, etc)
24. I love to dig in the dirt. (it is much more effective and cheaper than a therapist)
25. I have a children's book in draft form with 2 inches of dust on it. (*make that 4 inches of dust)
26. My husband is an expert motocross racer, but is retired due to older bones breaking easier.
27. I am not a very good cook.
28. I love being a mom.
29. I have a problem interrupting people.
30. I need coffee in the morning.
31. I want to be a midwife when I grow up. (for now I am loving "delivering" goat babies/kids)
32. I am super competitive. (ask anyone who will still play a board game with me)
33. I am pro-life.
34. Children who are suffering from abuse or sickness breaks my heart in two.
35. I love handmade soap.....(now I make handmade goats' milk soap. YAY for me!)
36. I am in awe every time I see a beautiful sky at sunset.
37. I believe in miracles. (I have had my share just in my life alone)
38. I love fall things.....pumpkins, cornstalks, leaves changing color.
39. I don't understand football, but watch it anyway with my husband.
30. I love nachos......morning, noon, night.
31. I love to laugh.
32. I sing horrible, but love to do it regardless, whenever I can.....no matter who is within earshot.
33. I now list "goat farmer" as one of my occupations.....and am proud of it.
34. I have hideous feet.
35. I have blue eyes that appear green depending on what I am wearing.
36. I have a butterfly and John 8:32 tattooed on my back.
37. I also have a small pawprint tattooed on my leg in memory of my Rottweiler, Beethoven. I have a cross on my hip. (I now have a very cool ichthus design on my inner wrist)
38. I am wondering if anyone has gotten this far.....if so.....God bless you!
39. Eating fruit with pits makes my lips and mouth get itchy.
40. Evolution theories infuriate me.
41. I have been told that I have a New York Bronxy mafia wife accent.
42. I am not from the Bronx nor have never been affiliated with the mafia.
43. I do have a raspy voice, and often get mistaken for a teenage boy going through puberty when answering the phone.
44. I know and believe that God has a plan for me and my life....and I know it is good.
45. I cannot sit still very long.
46. I cry alot.....good cries as well as overly emotional sad ones.
47. My favorite dinner is having breakfast food.
48. My two dream cars are the '78 Camaro that I used to own, back in the day.....and any Volkswagen Bus.
49. I love yard sales and Good Will stores.
50. I am just an ordinary sinner saved by the Grace of the most extraordinary Savior.

***FYI My good friend SharkBait just informed me that my list is actually 60 (I repeated the numbers 30-39.....so not only am I an ADD rambling spaz.....I am an ADD rambling spaz that apparently cannot count)***

So there you go.....a little mindless chatter for ya.

*hello? hello? Is this thing on? Anyone still with me?

Feel free to considered yourself tagged if you feel like some mindless chatter yourself.....it actually was pretty fun to think about who I am and what makes me tick.

And you know what.....I like me. :)

And I pray you like *you* too.

Have a beautiful week....



Amy DeTrempe said...

It was great getting to know you. I am not sure I could come up with 50 things but I may have to give it a try someday.

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Read all 50. I am going to have to do that or is it try to do. My un ADD brain may not be able to think that randomely. :) Love getting to know more about you Michelle.

Kristina P. said...

You need to come out west! Vegas, California!

JC Dude said...

We are all wonderfully and fearfully made...with many layers of interesting facts. Thanks for sharing a"few" and letting us get a peek into who you are.


Joyce said...

I just loved reading this. I have a 100 things about me post on my blog and we have a few similarities which was fun to see. I don't have any tattoos but I bet you and I could get into some kind of intense board game playoff : )

jasonS said...

Great facts. Not sure I have the patience to sit and write out 50 things for myself so "bravo!" to you, Michelle. :)

alicia said...

I love your 50 things! I am a licensed cosmetologist also. And no longer using it. ;) It's fun to get to know you this way! If you ever make it as far west as Iowa look me up! ;)

~*Michelle*~ said...

LOL Jason and Bill.....funny thing is that my brain is always on "high test" so those 50 things just rattled out quick.

I could probably bore you with 50 more if you gave me a few more minutes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Kristina! If/when I go out west.....you are totally gonna hear from me. I'll be the one in the airport sporting the Christmas Story snuggie.

Thanks JC, Amy and Joyce for popping in world too.....and for the kind words. Joyce....what's your favorite game? I am insane at Scrabble and Scategories.


~*Michelle*~ said...

Alicia! Will do!

How fun would that be?!?!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Evoloution theories infuriate me too! I mean how did we come from monkeys?!?!

This was fun! I think I will be tagging myself ;)

I've missed you my friend! I hope all is well with you and your family!

Kim said...

I was reading this nodding my head thinking about how much we had in common.

Then I read #30.


"you had me at" #30. "you had me at" 30.

(I am hungry now.)

Shark Bait said...

Not only did I read all 60, but I noticed that you had typed 60 instead of 50. (You repeated 30-39)

Do I win a prize?

~*Michelle*~ said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Shark Bait!!!!! How funny is that!? And this was a re-post and no-one picked up on that the last time either. You.are.good.

Sooooooooom DING DING DING! You DO win a prize.......hmmmmmm........now I have to figure out what it is. Do you think a platter of nachos will ship OK to South Africa?

No really...... How about a bar of my goats' milk soap? Seriously. I'll hook a brother fish up with one. You'll love it. Email me your addy. :)

Shark Bait said...

Hoo Ha Ha!!!

amanda said...

i absolutely LOVE the list. and know i read it before. i think you should venture to WI sometime!! i can't believe it's been an entire year since we've been out by you! that trip holds a special place in my heart. :) annnnd i'm so open to trading for some of that yummy soap! let me know!


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