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Free works for me!

So who doesn't like something *free*? (excluding the host of disgusting germs on shopping carts)

And who doesn't like getting a random package in the mail?

My "Works for Me Wednesday" tidbit today is to pass along this link to grab free samples from Walmart.com. They have many free things besides samples......trial offers, music and special savings.

I skip over most of the free trials, downloads, etc as I am into getting something tangible. You know.....something I can put my hands on. The fact that I am holding something that I didn't have to pay for, with no strings attached excites my frugal self beyond words.

They usually have about 5-6 free sample offers at any given time. And it's not too much of a pain in the butt to get them. Unlike some sites who make you go through 38 pages of surveys and questions, all while setting your email inbox up for an overload of spam within the next 24 hours (no, I do not want that body part larger, thankyouverymuch.....in fact, I do not even own that body part.....and how did requesting vitamin info bring you here?)

With Walmart samples, they only require a small section of fields to fill in such as your name/address/etc.....I always give a fake birthday (I am still hanging on to my conspiracy theory on identity theft.....and I am never over 40 years old.). I also opt to not give my follow up opinions on the product(s).

The samples really do come within the time frame they suggest.....sometimes even earlier. I like it because I usually forget about what I requested, and then feel special when a small little package arrives with my name on it......even if it is a box of two tampons. (hey, it's the little things in life, isn't it?)

I find the samples to come in handy......I usually stick them in my car because someone at any given time might complain about not being regular and I can whip out that sample of the new and improved Metamucil with no gritty aftertaste. Or when one of the kids is confident that they will die of starvation the minute we pass a McDonalds......I toss that sample bag of chocolate Chex Mix before they can finish their not so convincing whine. The trial size moisturizers come in very handy when I glance in the rear view mirror and notice how unkind this New England weather has been to my face. *shudder*

So if you are like me......and you get this little sense of joy when you get something for nothing....you might want to hop on over and sign up for a few of these offers. It might bring a little smile to your face when you least expect it.

And also check out Shannon's blog for more great "Works for Me Wednesday" tips and information. (and as of next week, there is a new host for MFMW too)



Brooke said...

i love free samples - but i love your music selection even better!! :)

i just left your page up and carried on with my day

Joanna said...

I love these treats in the mail, too! The samples are great to pack for short vacations, if they're toiletries.

Wanda said...

Free is good!
Excellent idea!

Peggy said...

Great idea! I give many of the samples to our church food pantry.


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